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5 Reasons Your Facebook Marketing Strategy is Failing

5 Reasons Your Facebook Marketing Strategy is Failing

When you think of Facebook as a small business owner what do you think of? Unlimited potential, great marketing opportunity, growing your business, money? These are all things many small business owners think about when they begin planning their Facebook marketing strategy but then many of them fall flat on their face and all those hopes and dreams turn to negativity. Our Phoenix SEO company is here to show you that you shouldn’t get discouraged. Yes, Facebook does appear to be a place where you can go in and easily obtain new customers however, this is simply not the case. Facebook has a lot of competition on it and it is a different form of marketing than what you are likely used too. Let’s take a closer look at why your Faceebook marketing campaign maybe falling on it’s face.

  1. Don’t Know Your Audience – It is critical that you know your target audience, especially on Facebook or other social media platforms such as Twitter or Google Plus. You don’t want to be posting things that have nothing to do with what your target audience is interested in. This makes you seem disconnected from your customer base and will likely make many of your customers move on too new companies which will likely be one of your competitors.
  2. Your Not Posting Constantly – Nobody wants to follow a page that is only being updated once every month or worse. People want to be engaged with the Facebook pages that they like.
  3. Not Engaging Your Audience – When one of your followers like you and then comment on your Facebook page it would be wise of you too answer them. This does 2 things, one it makes your customers and potential customers feel like you actually do care and two it creates conversations on your Facebook which helps in making posts go viral.
  4. There is Nothing In It For The User – Simply updating your content regularaly is not going to be the recipe for a successful Facebook marketing campaign. You must engage them offer them content that they need or want. This goes back to knowing your audience. If you know your audience you can begin giving them things that they are looking for and eventually you will see this reflected throughout your business and not just on your Facebook page.
  5. Lack of Goals – Just like with any online marketing campaign you must have clear and defined goals. If you don’t have any goals you don’t know how to get where your going or even where it is your wanting to get too. Before you get started you should set down and develop goals both short term and long term goals.

These are 5 reasons that your Facebook marketing campaign may be failing. I am here to tell you not to give up. You can always turn your Facebook marketing campaign around you just need to know where you are going. and come up with a plan to get there. We understand that many small business owners don’t have the time to run a successful Facebook marketing campaign that is why you may want to consider looking into a professional Phoenix SEO company. A professional SEO company will be able to help you get your Facebook marketing campaign on track and allow you to start reaping the benefits. Facebook offers you an opportunity to grow your business to a level you have never reached before but you must know what you are doing.


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