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SEO Tips for Internet Marketing Noobs

SEO Tips for Internet Marketing Noobs

As a Phoenix web designer we understand that not every business has the resources to pay for an SEO campaign. Does this mean you should ignore SEO? Of course not! If your website was created and designed with SEO in mind then their are things that you can begin doing to work on your rankings. Below is some tips that you can use to start working on SEO yourself.

  1. Keyword analysis – Before you start you need to determine what keywords get searches but are not to difficult to rank. One tool you can use to do this is the Google Adword tool. This is a great tool to begin researching keywords that gets a lot of local searches and is easy to rank.
  2. Content Content Content – Continuously update your content and make sure you add keywords in your content. Do not just stuff your content with keywords make sure you add them to articles that make sense and is relative content.
  3. Anchor Text – When submitting an article or video on another website make sure you use proper anchor text. So lets use HireAWiz for example if we wrote an article and had a link back to our web design page we would use an anchor text of Phoenix web design. Remember to not use the same anchor text each time.
  4. Quality back links – Submit articles and videos to high quality PR websites. Remember quality over quantity definitely applies in this case. One high PR back link is more valuable than a 100 low quality back links.

These are some basic things but if you begin doing these 4 things correctly you will see movement. To get your page on to page one and ultimately into the top 5 you will likely need to contact a professional SEO company to push you over the top. You can get a free SEO report and quote by contacting us today.


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