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Prioritizing Listings for Multi-Location Businesses

Prioritizing Listings for Multi-Location Businesses

Analyze your data

Date is extremely critical for a multi-location business. The data that is relevant to your business’ SEO on all fronts is constantly changing, and you need to make sure that you are keeping track of everything. Analyzing your data not only allows you to make sure that you are keeping pace with new technologies and software enhancements, but you also can snuff out any weaknesses that your data analysis identifies. For instance, a data analysis could reveal that five hundred out of one thousand visitors wrought from your website traffic created by your Phoenix SEO endeavors is actually traffic that should actually be going to your California website. Your Phoenix SEO company can adjust accordingly, but only if you have the data in the first place.


If you aren’t familiar with the importance of this word regarding any cross-channel marketing, etch the following statement into your mind right now: Automation is the key to a successful internet marketing plan.

As a multi-location business, you will be dealing with a lot of data, and it is important that the data be compiled in a way that allows you to communicate with them efficiently. Even more importantly, you want to avoid mix-ups and redundancy. Properly managing the voluminous amount of data that comes to you requires finding a way to automate the process of managing and distributing it to useful areas of your SEO campaign—without the aforementioned problems.

Make sure that all data is accurate and verifiable

As a multi-location business, it is easy to become so caught up in creating SEO content that you forget to make sure that the data for all of your business’ local locations. Errant or unverifiable data will not only harm your SEO results for each location, but you could be providing customers with the wrong contact information. For example, if your Phoenix SEO results are providing an address or telephone number for your Scottsdale location, then you will lose business opportunities as a result.

Don’t ignore the essential search engines

Believe it or not, Google is not the only worthwhile search engine around. In March of this year alone, over 6 billion individual searches flowed through both Yahoo and Bing. While this is less than half of the over 13 billion searches that Google received, it is still nothing to be overlooked.

You don’t need your Phoenix SEO company to spend a lot of time on these two entities, but making sure that all of your information is updated on each search engine—for all of your locations—will yield a huge improvement in relevant results.

Don’t thin out your SEO resources

Just because you are targeting multiple locations doesn’t mean that you need multiple SEO companies to manage everything. If you already have one Phoenix SEO company, then there is no need to find one in Miami, Salt Lake City or any other city. This is not only unnecessary, but it can create confusion regarding your overall messaging and SEO tactics; this can cause a lot of harm.

Remember that free doesn’t mean cheap

There are many SEO resources available to you that can do everything from data analysis to automation. As we mentioned above, you need resources such as these for the success of your SEO campaign. There are many free resources out there, and it is easy to assume that they are cheap or useless. You should remember, however, that many of Google’s resources—all of which are of the highest quality—are free. The web is littered with free SEO resources; your Phoenix SEO company can direct you to the best ones out there.

Don’t be cheap

Although there are many great SEO resources out there for free, you shouldn’t just be bargain hunting. These are many essential SEO services that can only be obtained if you pay for them. Your Phoenix SEO company can direct you to these as well—if they don’t already offer the services themselves as a part of a comprehensive package.

For more information about how to optimize a multi-location SEO campaign, feel free to contact us. We are a top Phoenix SEO company with the services and tools that you need.


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