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4 Link Building Strategies That Work

4 Link Building Strategies That Work

As a Phoenix web design company we have mentioned time and time again if nobody see’s your website it is worthless. No matter how great your web design company is or how much money you spend on your website if nobody sees it what is it worth? The answer is nothing. What gives a website it’s value is the amount of users it brings to it’s site. That is why search engine optimization is so important to your website and one of the key components to a great search engine optimization campaign is link building. How ever when hiring a great Phoenix SEO company you must be careful and make sure that they use white hat practices. Let’s take a closer look at some link building strategies that will benefit your search engine optimization campaign and help you achieve the rankings that you are wanting.

  1. Guest Posts – Begin contributing to different websites and blogs that are in your niche. Don’t go to any random website and begin spamming your links all over the web but rather contribute to the different websites. Offer intelligent comments and make sure the blog or website has something to do with your business. You do want to be a Phoenix SEO company going to car websites.
  2. Use Google Alerts – If you produce relevant content then the chances are your content will be referenced and used across the web. You can use Google alerts to discover other websites that is using your content that may not be linking back to your website. You can then politely ask them to link back to your website since they are using your content.
  3. Add Your Home Page Link on to Your Social Media Profiles – This is one that is becoming more and more relevant. Google is beginning to weight Google Plus links to find out more read our blogs about Google Plus and SEO.
  4. Say No to Link Offers – Yes you maybe getting a link but it is likely going to be a bad link. If your website has links from websites that they consider spammy then the links will actually hurt your website not help it.

There are many components to a great Phoenix SEO campaign. That being said each component of a great SEO campaign have things you must do and things you should not do. If you break the rules of the search engines you could end up damaging your website marketing campaign. That is why we would suggest brushing up on the terms and conditions or call a professional Phoenix SEO company to help you with your campaign. Contact HireAWiz today for a free SEO analysis.


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