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9 Things SEO Masterminds Usually Charge you to Hear

9 Things SEO Masterminds Usually Charge you to Hear

The idea of marketing your company can leave you at loss regarding where you should begin; adding the infinite expansiveness of the internet into the mix and marketing your company and its products can seem overwhelming.

Even your Phoenix SEO campaign, however, can be made a lot easier when broken down. In most cases, you would have to pay an SEO consultant in Phoenix to glean anything more than peripheral information about how to get your Phoenix SEO campaign off of the ground. However, we are going to provide you with nine crucial internet marketing tips—free of charge. Let’s take a look at what an internet marketing mastermind would normally charge you to hear:

Attention is attention—to a certain extent

If people are loving your company, that is, of course, great. Contrary to what common sense would dictate, however, the anathema of being loved, a true dislike of your company is not the worst thing that can happen to your company on the web. Indifference is. This is because whether people love your company or hate it, they will be talking about it; this benefits your Phoenix SEO campaign, any mention if your company improves how much value search engines put into your site, especially as a local business.

You have to act like a real person on the internet

A monolithic Wizard of Oz style image won’t work for any company that is serious about becoming a force on the internet. People are more predisposed to visit sites of companies that have created a personable image on the web.

This means that you must be friendly and interactive, especially on social networks review sites and forums.

You need to be a great storyteller (or you need to hire one)

Thanks to advents like Google’s Panda algorithm, good content has emerged as a must have for your Phoenix SEO campaign. However, high quality content isn’t just for the search engines. Remember that even your best customers aren’t purchasing your products every single day, so you need to find another way to get them to visit your website often, thereby keeping you fresh in their mind. In order to keep people coming back to your site and social network pages, you need to provide them with a constant stream of high quality content that gives them a reason to keep coming back.

If you are having trouble or simply don’t have the time to create great content, consult your Phoenix SEO company.

Sweating too much about ROI is dangerous

ROI has become dangerously overused—to the damage of many companies who rely too much on it. If you concern yourself too much about the exact dollar amount you will be getting in return for each investment, especially online, you will find yourself passing up on valuable business opportunities for something that exudes a definitive return.

Your company’s most valuable asset is your brand; no price tag can be placed on brand building endeavors—which is what your Phoenix SEO campaign (should) mostly consist of.

SEO is worthless if nobody likes visiting your site

If nobody outside of your organization would mind if your site disappeared today—answer this question honestly—then you need to reevaluate your internet marketing approach now. No matter how complex search engine algorithms become, there will always be a way to game their system for more traffic. However, if your traffic doesn’t really care to visit your website, you are yielding no business benefits.

Showing the people love can hold more value than the perfect post

There are few things that people love more than a shout out, share or like, especially when it comes from an entity that they thought wouldn’t even deign to acknowledge their existence. That being said, dropping a like or a share on people’s social media pages can develop powerful customer loyalty.

SEO shouldn’t be treated like a stepchild

Unlike a television ad, your Phoenix SEO campaign should not be treated like a simple marketing function. It is a marketing campaign all on its own; it needs to be approached as a systematic operation, much like your comprehensive marketing plan.

Share, share, share!

Sharing opportunities for your consumers should not be relegated to your social networks. Make sure to include like buttons, tweet buttons, + 1 buttons, etc. to everything including your blogs and individual products.

The best way to get attention is actually free

Do not get caught up in trying to outspend your competition. Many of the best ways to gain the attention of consumers require a zero dollar budget.


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