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6 Things Most SEO Companies Won’t Tell You

6 Things Most SEO Companies Won’t Tell You

Good Phoenix SEO companies will help you quickly boost your search engine ranking. However, they don’t usually bother to explain how. Here are 6 things that you should know about SEO that your SEO company isn’t telling you.

Black hat SEO can be helpful (sometimes)

As you may know, Google has categorized any activity that it deems a manipulation of its search engine’s weaknesses to improve one’s search engine rankings to be a “black hat” SEO tactic. They are mostly unused by good SEO companies and used profusely by predatory Phoenix SEO companies. The problem with using black hat tactics is that they often result in severe punishment by the search engine.

Any reputable SEO company will tell you this. What they might not tell you, however, is that they use them occasionally. Due to the instant attention that can be yielded by a black hat SEO tactic, an SEO company may recommend that you use—and quickly cease using—a given black hat SEO tactic.

This is not a suggestion that you should use black hat SEO tactics; doing so is a risk that could result in a search engine penalty if you get caught.

SEO isn’t an exact science

Many Phoenix SEO companies make big time promises. They tell you that with their unparalleled SEO system, you will gain ‘X’ number of followers on social media, a certain increase in traffic or that you will unerringly some other very specific goal.

In truth, even the best Phoenix SEO company doesn’t know exactly what will come of your SEO endeavors. This is due to the fact that search engines use an extremely complex set of mathematical algorithms to determine who will stand atop their search result lists. In contrast, they use relatively vague descriptions to explain how to improve your search engine ranking. Because of this, while a good Phoenix SEO company will be able to help you gain a substantial improvement in your SEO results, they cannot know exactly what results will be yielded.

Any company that consistently gets specific results is probably fabricating them via excessive black hat tactics, which will hurt your search engine rankings in the long run.

You’re (probably) not as great at writing as you think

Content is the cornerstone of many SEO campaigns. Many companies decide to produce their content on their own. Even if your company houses a wealth of industry knowledge, however, you will likely need someone else to create at least some of your content for you.

This is because industry knowledge does not translate into great writing; neither does a thorough understanding of the English language. In order to make your content engaging, entertaining and informative, you need someone who is adept at consistently creating content that exudes all of these traits. Even if you would like your content to be your voice, it still behooves you to have a professional content creator edit your materials.

There are many resources that can guide you to competent content creators and editors. If you aren’t sure where to begin your search, consult your Phoenix SEO company—they are sure to know of a few (see below).

They probably don’t do all of the content creation all on their own

As we mentioned above, your Phoenix SEO company should be knowledgeable about where to find a good content creator. This is due to the fact that they know that hiring an expert content creator is a good idea. Even if they deliver content to you as a part of their content package, chances are that they use a professional writer—whether in-house or contracted—to get the job done. Remember that Google is making a huge push to display quality content, so one great piece is better than 100 terrible ones.

You need to listen to somebody other than your SEO company

Your Phoenix SEO company knows a lot about SEO (assuming that you are working with a good one). And while they know a lot about SEO, they don’t know everything, and they won’t be able to tell you everything that they know. It is best to do your own research in addition to consulting them; this will give you a stronger knowledge about SEO and allow you to better tailor your SEO campaign to meet your business goals.

Doing your own research can be dangerous

Even though you need to do your own SEO research, you must be careful. Despite Google’s push to display quality content, they haven’t quite figured out a way to filter out incorrect information, so don’t assume that something is right. Anytime you glean a new piece of information, discuss it with your Phoenix SEO company.


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