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6 Ways To Promote Your Business This Holiday Season

6 Ways To Promote Your Business This Holiday Season

Christmas time is here and it is a great time to be able to promote your business. However, to do so effectively if your a small business, you are going to have to stand apart from others as every business is trying to promote their business during the holiday season. So how do you make your business stand out this holiday season? Let me show you how our Phoenix SEO company believes is the best way to promote your business during the Holiday season.

  1. Update Your Logo and Website – This is the time of year you want to play on all the Holiday cheer. In order to do that on your website you will need to spruce it up a little during the holiday season. By simply adding snow or a Christmas tree to your website it can make people feel in the Christmas spirit. Just how much you deck out your website is totally up to you but remember you are trying stand apart from the rest.
  2. Free Samples – In a time of year where everybody is talking about discounts you should consider giving free samples. This will not only help boost sales during the Holiday season but it will also help you throughout the next year as you may have one over customers that would not of ever tried your product and or services unless they got a free sample.
  3. Phone Message – During the Holiday season you shouldn’t just have the same ole phone message. Hi my name is ….. It is time for you to get into the Holiday spirit by adding a creative and fun holiday message.
  4. Special Christmas Offers – Now most companies do special Christmas offers so how do you stand apart. One cool thing I have noticed a few companies doing is offering 1 special deal a day. Give them a certain time they have to purchase the item at the special price and everyday at the same time add something new. This will keep customers coming back to your website checking on what item is on sale today.
  5. Throw a Christmas Party – What a better way to say thank you to your most valued customer than inviting them to your company Christmas party. This is a great to begin outsourcing  and hopefully gain more business for the upcoming year.
  6. Send Christmas Cards – While invoicing add in a special Holiday card to all your customers letting them know how much you appreciate their business and how you look forward to the upcoming year.

These are just some of the ideas that our team came up with. The key to earning business this Holiday season is to be personal, sincere and creative. As a small business you have to do things a little different as you likely don’t have the resources to compete with the large companies.


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