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5 Ways to Get Your Company Found on the Web

5 Ways to Get Your Company Found on the Web

Getting your company found on the web may be the most important factor in determining if you are going to be a successful business or if your online business is going to struggle or even last at all. I hate to sound like a downer but the fact is if your not being found online how do you expect your online business to survive? You can have a website twice as good as any of your competitors but if nobody sees your website it means nothing. That is why our Phoenix website design company not only concentrates on designing great websites but also teaching out clients steps that they can take to grow their online business and truly take their business to the next level. We do understand if you want to market your business on your own and that is the purpose of this blog. We don’t want to see anyones business fail so we want to get you started. Let’s look at some of the ways you can get your business found on the web.

  1. Research how easy it is to find your company online – Do research to discover how well your business is currently showing up online. Google different keywords that you believe your customers would Google in order to locate your business. Check different business directories both local and national. Check social media pages, what are people saying about your business. This will all help you when begin developing an internet marketing strategy.
  2. Is the internet displaying your Name, Address and Phone number properly? The most important information your business is going to put on the web is likely going to be your business’s name, phone number and address. This is information is what is going to let potential customers know who you are and give them ways to contact you. So many businesses have wrong information online. If you address or phone number changes you need to do your best to make sure it is updated throughout the web.
  3. Know what your customers are searching for – Understanding what your target audience searches for on the search engines will give you a huge advantage when it comes to any type of search engine optimization or pay per click campaigns. You will be able to target these keywords and because they are targeting your target audience they will be more likely to convert into a sale.
  4. If you choose to go with a SEO company make sure to do your research – So many SEO companies in today’s world are ripoffs and end up giving SEO a bad name. They work to take advantage of small business owners that don’t understand the specifics of SEO that is why you need to have a basic understanding and know how to spot a fraud. A couple of ways you can do this by understanding that SEO takes a while so if they are promising results in a month or 2 they are probably either using un ethical techniques or they are ranking you for keywords that get 0 searches per month. Make sure they are sending you analytic reports that show the traffic your getting to your website not just a rankings report because ultimately rankings don’t matter if nobody is visiting your site.
  5. Research your competition – See what it is that your competition is doing. What are they doing that is successful and what is that they are doing that you can improve on and then copy the good things they are doing and make it better.

The absolute worst thing you can do is nothing so get started marketing your business on the internet ASAP. You will begin to notice your business becoming more successful once you begin marketing your business online then the next step is to vamp up your efforts.


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