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3 Strategies to Help eCommerce Sales

3 Strategies to Help eCommerce Sales

If you are a small business owner that owns an eCommerce business then you understand the importance of a professional Phoenix web design company that will not only help you create a great website but give you tips on how you can increase sales. Ultimately it doesn't matter if you have the best website in the world if you are not converting sales your business is going to fail that is why it is so important to understand how to increase your sales. After all sales is what puts food on your families table. I decided to go over 3 proven strategies that will help your eCommerce sales. These 3 strategies are not guaranteed because there are so many variables that go into visitors converting to a sale on your website however, they are proven to help. Let's take a closer look at the 3 strategies that can help you turn your eCommerce business around. 

  1. Measure Everything – Make sure that with everything that you are doing you are tracking the results of. How would you know if a marketing campaign that you are running is working with out running tests and tracking the results of each test. Whether it is a social media marketing campaign, search engine optimization campaign, pay per click campaign, or just simply trying out different landing pages you will want to make sure to test them all. This will help you know what is working and what is not working so you are not spending money on things that are giving you a poor return on investment. Then you can re allocate your money towards things that are working. We would suggest using Google Analytics as your tracking tool. This is a free tool and gives you very in depth tracking tools. You may want to take time learning to use it however. 
  2. Use Multiple Sources to Market Your Website – Things are constantly changing especially when it comes to online marketing so you should make sure that you are using multiple sources to market your website. Let me give you some examples of how using one marketing source can change and leave you with no new leads. Organic search results is a great way to gain leads however, the search engines are constantly upgrading their algorithms and your top page ranking could drop down the list on a single update. If you don't have any other forms of online marketing then you will lose new leads until you can regain that top page ranking. 
  3. Easy Checkout Form – So many eCommerce websites today make the potential customer first sign up for their website which is a super long form. Then after that they after fill out a form in order to checkout. This process can turn people off and make them leave your website and go to one of your competitors website. Make the checkout process as quick and easy as possible. 

Now these things may sound like no brainers however you would be surprised how many eCommerce websites there are that don't do one if not all three of these things. Take the time to determine what it is that maybe costing you business and then apply these practices. 


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