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5 Things That Will Hurt Your SEO Campaign

5 Things That Will Hurt Your SEO Campaign

If you are an online business owner and haven’t figured out the importance of search engine optimization or SEO then you must get started ASAP or your online business will continue to struggle. If you currently are running an SEO campaign then I am sure you know of the good things that you can be doing to help you in the rankings but what about the the things that will hurt you? Well that is what our professional Phoenix web design team is here to show you. Let’s take a look at the things that you need to avoid when running a search engine marketing campgaign.

  1. Meta Keywords – This won’t hurt you but it is a waste of time. You can fill it in but it will have no bearing on your search engine optimization campaign what so ever. People waste a lot of time trying to optimize this field and at the end of the day it does nothing for them.
  2. Duplicate URL’s – Make sure that you don’t have any duplicate URL’s as this will end up hurting your rankings.
  3. Link Buying – This is something that the search engines have caught on too and if you are just buying links to try to improve your rankings you will end up actually hurting your ranking. YOu need to play by the search engine rules and if yo try to break their rules then you will end up getting penalized.
  4. Link and Like Farms – These are now viewed as spam by the search engines and if you are using them well then the link that you are receiving from their is viewed by the search engine as spam and you are actaully being penalized for it.
  5. Content Duplication – Everyone knows that content is very important when it comes to search engine optimization but don’t think you can fool the search engines by copying content and placing it on your page.

Search engine optimization is a process and it takes time to rank your website however when your website makes it to page 1 for relevant keywords you will begin to reap the benefits. Play by the search engines rules and do things the right way and you will begin to reap the benefits.


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