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4 Ways to Increase Facebook Fan Page Interaction

4 Ways to Increase Facebook Fan Page Interaction

You won’t need a Phoenix SEO company to help you setup a Facebook business page and probably won’t even need their help getting likes but that is the easy part. What is the difficult part you may be asking yourself? The hard part is getting all of your Facebook likes to be interactive with your page and want to comeback to see what is going on your page. This will do a couple of things, first off it will help your search engine optimization results and secondly it will help you grow your online business. So how do you go about increasing the interaction on your Facebook Fan page? Well that is what I am about to explain to you now.

  1. Great Content – This is ranked number one for a reason. If you don’t have content worth reading then why would anybody go to your Facebook page and like, comment or share anything? The only time most people like, share or comment on things is if they find it worth their time. If you comment is great your interaction will be great but if your content stinks the interaction your page will stink.
  2. Create Posts That Induce Interaction – Do things like ask questions or post polls. You will want to create posts that encourages people to interact on your page. How often do you see a poll and want to vote just to see the results of the poll?
  3. Show Your Personal Side – Show your likes that you are not just some robot behind a computer posting on Facebook. Show them that you have a personal side and let people connect with your page on a more personal basis. People are more likely ot interact on your fan page if they think of you as a person and a friend rather than some big company with random workers posting things.
  4. Use Call To Action – This may seem like advise you hear all the time but it works on websites and it will work on social media pages as well.

If you are not getting interaction on your Facebook fan page then you are just going through the motion. Many small business owners give up on their social media marketing campaigns because they can’t engage their users. If you follow the steps above then you will have a great chance of having a social media marketing campaign that succeeds and you will see the benefits of it big time.


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