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3 Ways to Use Videos in Your SEO Campaign

3 Ways to Use Videos in Your SEO Campaign

Video’s on the internet are becoming more and more popular just look at the success of YouTube but what can you do to take advantage of this. Well video’s are not only something eye catching to help wow your visitors but it will also help SEO. Search engine optimization is a huge competitive advantage as you will get organic traffic from the internet without having to pay every time a visitor clicks on your website. You will be able to allocate that advertising elsewhere when your competitors are paying for the traffic you are getting organically. So just how is it that video’s will help your SEO?

  1. Longer Page Visits – Google gives value to a website where customers have longer page visits because it would indicate that the content on the page is more relevant. A website that visitors go to and leave immediately would indicate the content is not relevant to the search. A good video that is informative will keep people on your page while they watch the video.
  2. Back Links – Video can get you some additional back links and on high PR pages such as YouTube and Daily Motion. Make sure to add your link into the description and other places you are able to fit your link when uploading videos.
  3. Rank – Have you searched for something recently? You may have noticed that a lot of the sites that pull up are from video’s on YouTube. This is a way to get ranked on Google’s top page. Don’t make your video a sales video however make it more informational and you will have a better chance that your video gets ranked on Google.

There are many more benefits to using video but the fact is that if you are not currently using video in some form your SEO is probably not where it could be. Hireawiz is a Phoenix web design company that knows exactly what it takes to rank your business on page 1 on Google’s search engines. Contact us today to get a free SEO report and find out what our experience as a Phoenix web design company can do for you.


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