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3 Ways Bad Content Hurts Your Rankings

3 Ways Bad Content Hurts Your Rankings

When it comes to search engine optimization many people fear doing things because they would rather not do it than be punished for doing it wrong so they don’t even attempt imporant aspects of SEO like link builiding. First off, if you are not comfortable I would suggest contacting a professional Phoenix SEO company to help you with your search engine optimization campaign. Many small online business owners are so focused on things like link building they don’t even realize that what is hurting them is the content on their website. They have heard that content is king when it comes to SEO and this is true, however they are doing things that is causing their content to hurt them rather than help their search engine optimization campaigns. I am not even just talking about obvious things such as keyword stuffing. Let’s take a closer look at some of the things that may be hurting your search engine optimization campaign rather than helping it.

  1. Bounce Rate – You may be asking yourself what in the world does bounce rate have to do with content. I am here to tell you it has everything to do with content. Let me take a second to explain. The search engines especially google have began to look at bounce rate as a factor. Why would they do this? Well this will help them verify that the content on your page is both great and relevant to your industry. If a customer goes to your website and leaves after a few seconds then it can be contributed to your content being bad. This will cut down on website owners just writing content for the search engines and not caring what actual people think. Your best bet will be to write articles and content on your pages for your target audience and view search engine results as an added bonus. If you are currently just writing content for the search engines then you need to stop ASAP. This is a tactic that will end up hurting your search engine rankings more than it will help them. On a side note this also a great reason why you should look into page load times. I am not going to go into detail about his here but this will also majorily influence the bounce rate on your website.
  2. Reputation – When you are posting content that is worthless to your readers it ends up damaging your reputation as a business. Yes, there is a possibility you will become ranked on the search engines but what is the point if visitors are leaving your website without converting because you don’t come across as professional with all the useless content on your website? There is not point! You would be better off writing great content and getting less visitors to your website because then you will have a much higher conversion rate which is the goal of every online business.
  3. Publishing Techniques – There are publishing techniques that people try to use to help them in the search engine but in all honesty they damage your campaign and in some extreme instances get your website labeled as spam. Make sure that you are using white hat techniques and not trying to trick the search engines because they will figure you out.

These are 3 ways bad content can hurt you. Just write for your target audience and you will be fine. What ends up getting people in trouble is when they are writing for the search engines and become obsessed with rankings.


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