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How to Use SMS Marketing to Grow Your Business

Have you ever thought about starting a text message (SMS) marketing campaign? If executed properly this can be a very very effective way to market your business. You have to be careful however not to over spam someone with text messages and respect their privacy. You could go from having happy customers to customers that refuse to use you ever again because of how annoying all your text messages are. So lets take a look at some things to consider when starting a SMS marketing campaign.

  • User Permission – When a customer opts in to receive a text message ask them if they would like to receive daily, weekly, or monthly text messages on special offers. Make sure to tell them how often they will be receiving the text message and what they are for. If they opt in then hold by what you said and resist the temptation to spam them.
  • Customers during down periods –Let's say your business is just dead and you haven't had a customer all day. Send out a text message advising the first 15 or however many people who come in get a free whatever. This will bring you customers and has the potential to instantly turn your night around.
  • Direct contact – Unlike emails that can go to the spam folder or the person just deletes without reading. Almost everybody will read their text message. We are living in a world where people feel more comfortable to text than to talk so why not take advantage of this and communicate via a means that makes your customers feel comfortable?
  • Promote – Promote an upcoming event by offering free admission or something for the first 20 people that RSVP. This is a great way to build up a large list of people to your upcoming event.

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