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Google Answers Apple SIRI with Google Now. 1 Word Awesome!

Apple has Siri and now Android has Google Now. You may not be aware of this new technology as of yet but you will. Google Now is going to be released on some mobile devices that have their new operating system called Jelly Bean. Many users won’t be able to use Google Now until sometime next year but it is definitely going to be worth the wait as it has some distinct advantages over Siri. As great as Siri is Google has found a way to make their version better. A key advantage of Google Now is how quickly it searches for things. Because Google already has a huge database of information Google Now will be able to search for the answers for your questions and have a response with in seconds. Apple on the other hand will take a little longer to perform their searches through Siri as they have to use third party companies to get their information from. Google Now learns your preferences based upon your search history. For example lets say you are a Chicago Cubs fan you are likely going to have searched to find scores or news about the Cubs. Google Now will then begin keeping you updated on the scores from not only the Cubs but all your favorite teams. It will learn your travel plans, eating habits, and much much more. It really is something I think people are going to have to see to believe. Before you go buy an android phone because you no longer want your iPhone remember that Apple’s Siri is in beta testing and they will make improvements. Apple will keep up with the technology and continue to improve their phones with great technology. When their is a competition between two companies as big as Google and Apple it will benefit the consumer. I really am looking forward to seeing what is next. HireAWiz has been a Phoenix web development company for over 10 years and we stay up to date with many different types of technology. We will be able to not only tell you how the latest technology can help your business we will help you develop a plan so that you can grow your business. Whether it is mobile devices, the latest SEO news, or the latest website design technology HireAWiz can help you with it all so contact us today.


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