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Investing in Non Measurable Marketing

Investing in Non Measurable Marketing

I am sure by now you that you are investing in online marketing and all of the types of marketing you are using is easy to track and measure the results. This great and is very smart to do but what about the types of investments that are not measurable? Most business owners or people won’t spend the time and money to ever invest in this. Now this seems unreasonable but sometimes investing in these marketing avenues end up paying off big time and there is no way of actually measuring the return on investments. Now before I go any further I want to make it clear that not all investments will pay off and that is why you shouldn’t have a penalty if it doesn’t work out. What I mean here is you can’t stop making this type of investment just because you don’t see instant results or results at all. Now let me give you a couple of examples of non measurable marketing investments.

For example¬†imagine you go to a social event because your friend told you about it. Now the event may not have anything to do with your field but you go anyway. At this event people begin asking what it is you do and you begin talking to people from the event about what it is that you do. Now a few weeks later you get a couple people calling you letting you know they were referred by a friend and that friend just happened to be somebody you met at that event. There is no way of tracking how many customers or what the ROI is of the time you spent at this event and you don’t even know if they wouldn’t found you even if you didn’t go to this event as they could of found you while searching anyways.

Usually about 1 in 5 or about twenty percent of this marketing ends up working out. Now you need to make sure you are not just randomly investing in this way but you need to have an actual business need you are trying to solve. Now the way you are currently marketing that is measurable is great and don’t stop using those marketing techniques but you should do this above and beyond your current marketing strategies.


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