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10 Reasons to Say Yes to a PPC Campaign

So I have mentioned in the past that SEO is important because you won’t have to use a Pay Per Click for that campaign and that is true. With that being said there are some major advantages to running a Pay Per Click campaign but you must understand what you are doing. Being a Scottsdale web design company we see clients just begin throwing away money because they didn’t take the time to research and understand how to run a successful Pay Per Click Campaign. Let’s take a look at some ways to use Pay Per Click advertising successfully so that hopefully you will be able to begin seeing your return on investment go up and ultimately see your business become successful beyond your imagination.

  1. Keyword Research – Yes you can use Pay Per Click to do keyword research. Before you begin spending time and money to rank a keyword you can simply use your Pay Per Click campaign to determine what the conversion rate is for that particular keyword. So many people choose to use keywords in their SEO campaign that the users that are searching for the keywords are just wanting information so won’t ever buy anything from your website. Yes you may get a lot of traffic but if that traffic doesn’t equate to sales what good is it. Having a custom Scottsdale web design that sells your products will help but not enough to make a difference when you are targeting the wrong keywords.
  2. Set Your Budget – Unlike many other forms of advertising where it is hard to afford Pay Per Click allows you to be able to set your daily budget. You can easily determine what your daily budget is and never go over it. Your budget can be adjusted at any point to either increase or decrease your budget. If you are having troubles figuring this out ask your Scottsdale web design company and they will be able to assist you.
  3. Levels the Playing Field – You can use your Pay Per Click campaign to begin getting some of the customers for keywords that a fortune 500 company has dominated and there won’t be a chance for you to be ranked for. Just because you don’t have thousands of dollars every day to throw at SEO doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to have an ad on the top page of Google for highly competitive keywords.
  4. Branding – A well designed ad for your Pay Per Click campaign will build branding. Even if nobody is clicking on your ad people are seeing it. So they will begin to think of you as a well trusted and respected company when they see your name. This is why it is important to get a custom Scottsdale web design that showcases the quality and trustworthiness of your company.
  5. Track-ability – Pay Per Click campaigns offer you instant track-ability. You will be able to see how your campaign is doing whether good or bad. This will help you decide if you should up your budget, lower your budget or stop with the campaign all together and begin concentrating on other keywords and maybe different marketing strategies.
  6. Targeted Audience – With Pay Per Click you will be able to focus on a more targeted audience. Let’s say your company is just focused on selling products to Scottsdale web design companies. Then you are not going to want you ad to reach people in New York with Pay Per Click you can set your settings to be able to narrow in on local businesses. Is this perfect and will you never have out of state clicks no but this will cut down on them big time. Another reason you need to do your research and understand your target audience.
  7. Instant Results – With SEO you  could wait upwards of six months before you begin seeing results but with Pay Per Click you will notice instant results. A well planned Pay Per Click campaign will get you instant results then it will be up to your website to get them to contact you and for you to sell them. This is why having a custom Scottsdale website is so critical. If your website isn’t professional and looks like a high school kid’s project then no matter how much traffic is sent to your website it won’t matter.
  8. Pay Based on Performance – Have you ever wished that you can only pay somebody based upon how they perform. I mean imagine going to your favorite sporting event and they tell you that you only owe money if the home team wins. This is extremely unlikely but with a Pay Per Click campaign this exactly what you are getting. You only pay Google if somebody clicks on your ad. If nobody clicks on your ad then you are getting free branding exposure.
  9. Easy – If you have time to do the proper research setting up your Pay Per Click campaign is easy to setup on your own. You don’t have to have any web design experience in order to setup your Pay Per Click campaign. now that being said if your don’t do your research you could end up paying for your Pay Per Click campaign and not get any return on investment.
  10. Small Initial Investment – Most search engines don’t have a minimum budget but some do charge a very small setup fee. After your initial setup fee you are good to begin experimenting and hopefully not only driving traffic to your website but also converting the traffic to sales.

Even though I still believe Search Engine Optimization is the way to go in the long run there are some major benefits of Google’s Pay Per Click that can’t be overlooked. Take the time to do your research and don’t just start a campaign not knowing the first thing about Pay Per Click. If you don’t have the time you can contact us we are a Scottsdale web design company that truly cares about the success of your company. If you enjoyed this article and it has helped please  like us and drop us a line on our Facebook fan page. As an added benefit you will receive 10% off any services that you purchase from HireAwiz directly.


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