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4 Strategies To Optimize Your Social Media Accounts

4 Strategies To Optimize Your Social Media Accounts

Many businesses have social media accounts and think that is all they need to have in order to have a social media presence but much like search engines you must optimize your social media accounts. You may be asking well how do you optimize your social media account? Even if you have setup your accounts across different social media platforms in order to get maximum production they must be optimized to not only help with fan interaction but also with search engine optimization. There are many different ways that you can optimize your social media accounts but we are going to look at a few.

  1. Links or Icons on Website – When people come to your website you want them to be able to share or tweet information on your website to their friends. By placing social media icons on your website pages that make this easy for the user to do the amount of people sharing your content will go up dramatically. A good Scottsdale web designer will understand the importance of social media icons.
  2. Stop being Sales y – Social media is a place where people go to see things that they are interested in and they do not want to be sold something every few minutes. Granted by posting mostly resources and things that get the followers to like engaged will not help you immediately but will make a much larger impact later on.
  3. Reward – When you get those users that comment, like, and share on a frequent basis you should reward them for being so involved on your page. Running a successful social media campaign is to get users engaged and when they are you should let them know you appreciate it. You can send them a private message just saying thank you or you can develop a point system and give the highest point total a reward at the end of each month. This makes the user feel important and feel like their opinions do matter.
  4. Target Audience – By not knowing who your target audience is your content and ideas are going to be fruitless. By simply taking the time to get to know your target audience you will be able to setup a marketing strategy that works.

There are obviously different ways to optimize your social media accounts such as changing the layouts to make them look more professional, content on the page, and much more. Remember that we are not just your Scottsdale web design team. We want to help you grow your business so that when your successful you will choose to work with us. We will help you with whatever your needs may be. Contact us today for a free quote.  


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