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5 Technology Trends That Will Dominate in 2014

5 Technology Trends That Will Dominate in 2014

Technology has always seemed to move fast but in today’s world technology is moving at a rate never before seen. That is why I wanted to concentrate on what technologies will dominate 2014. In 2013 we had seen some great new technologies many of which will really take of in 2014. If your a tech geek then this list is for you. So based upon what happened in 2013 and so far in 2014 here is the technologies I think will dominate in 2014

  1. Expectations of Smart TV’s – With more and more people buying televisions with smart capabilities you will begin to see consumers expecting their TV’s to have the same capabilities. With this happening online businesses will need to make sure that their website supports smart TV’s this is just yet another argument for getting a responsive web design. Their are things like the Roku that will offer similar features but many people won’t want to go buy a separate device so that they can get the same features they can get on a smart TV.
  2. Smart Watches – Smart watches are going to even become more popular. This is a technology I had my doubts about. I couldn’t imagine that a watch you could check your email on and do other things would be a hit. That is not even to mention the fashion of these watches. However, to my surprise these watches are not going away anytime soon and I am actually thinking about buying one. No longer are you going to have to pull out your smart phone to check an email, text or social media update. Even more exciting is I have heard through the grape vine that their is a possibility Google is going to be integrating Google Now with their watches.
  3. Google Glasses – Speaking of Google how about their Google Glasses? I remember when these first came out how excited everyone was to try these. They never really gained traction yet and in 2014 I am predicting more of the same. We will still have to be sitting and waiting to see how they are going to turn out. This is going to be another technology that has a major impact on website owners but this won’t happen in 2014.
  4. Xbox and Play Station Gaming Devices? – Even though they will always be a system that can be used for gaming we are seeing these once gaming counsels becoming more for entertainment. No longer will it just be the gamers waiting inline for hours to pickup the new and improved counsel.
  5. Natural Language Search – Things like Google Now and Apple’s Siri are revolutionizing how we we are searching. Don’t be surprised if there isn’t some new ground breaking news about updates for these technologies.

These are some technologies that in 2014 will have us excited for 2015. As technology increases in certain areas you will begin to see other areas begin improve technologies. These technologies will continue to improve our lives if used in the right ways.


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