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4 Reasons Your Website Could Be Driving Visitors Away

4 Reasons Your Website Could Be Driving Visitors Away

Are you noticing that you are getting traffic to your website but the conversions are just not there? There is a good chance that your website is scaring people away. This is extremely frustrating especially for the small online business owners that are spending time and money marketing their business online. It takes a lot of time and money to run successful search engine optimization, pay per click and or social media campaigns that is why you must make sure that your website is converting at a high rate. This is the only way to make your online marketing worth your time. Let’s take a look at why your website may be scaring your visitors away and keeping them from converting.

  1. Unwanted Audio on Your Site – It may seem like a great idea to have a video automatically start playing or music playing on your website. However, in many cases this will scare your visitors off your site almost immediately. Many people are likely coming to your website on a mobile device which means they could be in a place that it would be inappropriate to have their mobile device blaring. The other thing is many people will visit your site while at work so if they do and your website has audio playing on start up it will likely cause them to exit your website right away.
  2. First Impression – If your website looks cluttered or unprofessional when a visitor comes to your website then they will likely leave and go find one of your competitors. It is said that a visitor to a website will make up their minds about the website within the first 5 seconds. This doesn’t give you very much time to make a great first impression. That is why if you don’t have an updated website then it is probably a good time to look into it.
  3. To Artistic –  You may have an awesome website that is 100% unique and looks amazing but is it user friendly and simply to navigate? Don’t concentrate so much on the design of the website and forget the user-friendliness. This may draw the interest of your visitors at the beginning but when they begin trying to navigate through your website and notice that it is very confusing and difficult they will likely leave and again go to your competitors.
  4. Ads – Now I am not saying that you shouldn’t have ads on your site. Ads are a great money making source for many website but make sure you keep them in check. Don’t begin posting ads all over your website or allowing those annoying pop up ads. Nobody wants to go to a website that is covered in ads.

These are 4 common practices that are actually running many website visitors away. Make sure that you aren’t doing things to drive many of your website visitors away because we know how much it can cost to get website visitors to your website.


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