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3 Awesome Windows 7 Gadgets for Your Desktop

I am sure you have heard your fair share of negative things about Windows 7 and I am sure some of them are valid but one thing that Window’s 7 does offer is some really cool desktop gadgets. Being involved in Phoenix web design I have come across some of these really cool gadgets and thought that I would share my favorites with you so you can enjoy them also. If you have any other cool gadgets please share them with us on our HireAWiz Facebook page. HireAWiz is an elite Phoenix web design company specializing in helping our clients not only get a great website but helping them succeed. These are my top 3 Windows 7 gadgets in no particular order.

  1. Facebook Explorer – Because I am involved with Phoenix web design I understand the importance of Social Media very much. Not only is Facebook great for personal use but also for business use. This awesome little gadget allows you to have a little screen on your desktop showing you your status updates, mail, messages along with other things and also will show you your friends feed as well. You will never miss out on a Facebook conversation again.
  2. Mini TV – Everybody loves TV. With Mini TV it allows you to watch TV right from your desktop. There are a lot of stations most people probably hasn’t heard of as well as some more popular TV stations such as CNN and CSPAN.
  3. All CPU Meter – If your computer has resource issues from time to time because you use so many different programs like I do this gadget will help. It is a small little box that will appear showing you how a ton of information.

These are some really cool Windows 7 gadgets that I think everybody will love. As I had mentioned before please post your favorite Window 7 gadgets on our Facebook page. Whether you own a business or you use your computer for personal use these gadgets can provide value to you. If you would like to find out how we can help your business be more successful contact us today.


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