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Ways to Get the Most out of Google+ for More Local Results

Ways to Get the Most out of Google+ for More Local Results

Although Google + was initially expected to completely fail in a unimpressively Google Buzz-esque fashion, it has burgeoned into one of the biggest social networks on the planet. Specifically, it has become an invaluable business listings resource that can dramatically boost your local results. However, it has caused so many changes that many marketers are at a loss regarding how they should be using it. The following seven tips will help you better understand how to grow your local Google + listings.

Don’t waste too much social time on Google + if your consumers aren’t flocking there in droves

Although Google + is a powerful business tool, it is still a social network. As such, it can be a great way to connect with consumers on a human level. That is great, and while Google + has grown to be pretty large, its overall use for social purposes still pales in comparison to social networking juggernauts like Facebook and Twitter. That means that your customers aren’t necessarily spending a lot of time on this particular network.

While you should never ignore the social element of Google +, you should find out how much your customer are using it before you dedicate too much time here. This is valuable time that could have been spent on another element of your local search engine marketing campaign.

Use your relationship with the Phoenix community to connect with people

People have a better customer experience when they can connect with you. As a Phoenix area business, you should be working with your SEO company for a Phoenix centric Google + page, because people are more likely to connect with a business that displays a connection to the local area that they interact with every day.

Customize everything

Google + gives you a myriad of customization tools that allow you to make everything truly your own. While you are in the midst of customizing your Google + resources, you should work with your Phoenix SEO company to determine what can also be made local in nature.

Update everything whenever you need to

Never forget that in addition to being a social network, Google + is also an identity service thatallows you claim your business as your own. That is why you need to make sure that all of the details about your business on Google + are accurate. This, however, is not a one-time activity. Not only will information about your change, but you could also make a mistake without knowing or you could occasionally face mix-ups or errors that cause your business’ Google + information to be incorrect. Something an simple as an errant digit on a phone number can hurt your business tremendously.

To keep everything in order, have your Phoenix SEO firm periodically audit your Google + account and update everything as needed.

Work to keep reviews recent

Google rewards the active. That being said, they give extra weight to organizations with a bevy of recent reviews on Google + when determining search engine rankings. Make sure that your Phoenix SEO company helps you develop a system wherein you can convince recent customers to post (hopefully positive) reviews about your company’s products or services.

People are more important than algorithms

Search engine algorithms are an invaluable part of your comprehensive Phoenix SEO campaign. But focusing too much on these robots will cause the overall quality of your internet marketing campaign to dwindle. This is why you can never forget the importance of making all of your Google + resources for the people whose business you would like to gain

Clean up duplicate listings

As Google would say, “There should only be one listing per business location, both in the Google Places account and in search results.” This is due to the fact that a duplicate listing can cause confusion when Google is trying to sort things out for their search engine rankings; a duplicate listing works to your detriment. They can occur in or outside of your Google + account, so make sure that your Phoenix SEO company is thorough when searching for duplicate listings and cleaning them up. Google may also notify you of a duplicate listing.

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