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Why your Website Needs to Look as Good as your Products

Why your Website Needs to Look as Good as your Products

In this digitized world, it is becoming virtually impossible (no pun intended) to keep a business afloat without a website. As a result, there are billions of websites cluttering the web. As a result, the website itself has become a place of competition.

Companies like yours strive to have the best website out there. You should be doing this too, because after your Phoenix SEO campaign draws people to your website, you need to keep them present and engaged for as long as possible; the longer a visitor remains at your website, the more likely they are to evolve into qualified sales leads and return.

Now that you have an idea of why you need a great website to boost your business, let’s take a look at more details about why great web design is important and how to execute it:

Making sure that people like looking at your website (presentation)

Your website is people’s first impression of your business, so they need to like what they see. Here is what you should focus on to make your website more visually appealing:


When people see something that interests them, they are more likely to stay. Even a few seconds of extra time on your site could be enough to turn a casual visitation into a click-through. Find interesting ways to engage customers to make this happen.


It doesn’t matter how many things catch someone’s eye if your site appears unprofessional. To keep a professional look about your site, avoid the highly “customized” Myspace look, avoid clutter and don’t use cartoonish fonts.

Making sure that people like using your website (intuitiveness)

Just as it is with dating, enjoying looking at your site and spending time with it are two different things. Good looks will attract people, a great experience will keep them hanging around. This is especially important when your visitors are actually shopping on your website. Following the tips below will allow you to add a great deal of intuitiveness to your website.

No clutter

A clutter free environment doesn’t just make your website look great. It also improves functionality, because the less your website has going on, the faster it will move. Have your Phoenix web design company audit your site and do away with anything that is redundant or simply doesn’t need to be there.

Clearly defined links and access points

Don’t bother trying to get too creative with your menus and other links. This will just end up confusing visitors; they will eventually leave in frustration as a result. Be sure to explicitly tell your Phoenix web design company that you want all of your links and access points simple and clearly defined.

Consistency between pages

If each page on your website bears a different font, background or color scheme, then the visitor may think that they have accidentally clicked on the wrong link and decide to click away. If you do have an inconsistent website, it should be an easy fix for your Phoenix web design company.

Meeting utilitarian needs (capabilities)

Just because people enjoy using your website doesn’t mean that it does what you need it to do. Here are some capabilities that your website must have:

Access to goods and services

Even the most solidly brick-and-mortar businesses are starting to dip their toes into ecommerce. You need to make sure that your goods and services are properly indexed an easily found. Even if you don’t sell online, people should still be able to get details about your offerings on your site.

Company information

Either your Phoenix SEO company or your Phoenix web design company should include company descriptions (about us pages, mission statements, etc.) that truly reflect how your organization can help solve people’s problems. People will want to know this.

Contacting your company

Not including contact info is the biggest utilitarian mistake that you can make on your website. Don’t ignore the value of being accessible to customers.

Social connections

People want to be able to share information on your site quickly. Having your Phoenix web design company add share buttons from all of the major social networks allows every part of your website’s content to be accessed by the masses. Contact us today and we can help you achieve your web design goals.


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