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Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Running a social media campaign can be a very challenging task and frustrating task. There are all those potential customers that are at your finger tips that you are able to engage but how do you do so in a manner that will help increase your website sales? It can be very tricky if you are not aware of all the tips and tricks out their that will help you have a much better conversion rate through your social media marketing campaign. It is important that if you’re unsure of what you’re doing you look into hiring a top Phoenix SEO company to help you with your social media campaign. If done properly the one major benefit of a social media marketing campaign is the number of new visitors and potential customers that you can gain from it. However, there are mistakes that even the best entrepreneurs fall into when attempting a social media marketing campaign.Let’s take a closer look at some of those mistakes that end up costing small business owners big time.

  1. Ignoring Social Media All Together – This is the biggest mistake for multiple reasons. The main one is obvious, if you don’t take advantage of social media then you don’t truly understand the impact it can have on your business. It can grow your business exponentially but like I said before you have to understand how to engage the users on each social media website. The other down side to not having any social media presence is the negative impact it will have on your search engine optimization campaign.
  2. Different Branding on Each Social Media Website – It is extremely important to keep your branding consistent not only on social media sites but throughout the internet. It makes it hard for people to find you on other social media websites when your branding is different and it takes away from your logo and other branding materials when you do not keep it consistent.
  3. Being To Salesy – Some small business owners think that social media website is place to constantly give sales pitches and try to sell the users. One thing about social media websites is that people don’t sign up for them to be solicited. You need to create a page and post things that are interesting and work at building a group of targeted followers. Work on building your brand and you will notice your sales go up.
  4. Signing Up Without a Plan – Some people hear about the importance of social media marketing and go and sign up for as many social media websites as they can find. They do this with out a plan in place. So now they have all these social media websites that are not being updated and the small business owner likely doesn’t even remember all the social media website they signed up for.
  5. Thinking That Social Media is Free – Many people set up their social media websites for free and think they are going to gain the benefits of social media marketing. This is simply not the case. Running a successful social media marketing campaign it is definitely not going to be free. There are paid posts, ads, etc on most of the social media websites that will help you gain followers and create traffic to your website. The other thing is most small business owners don’t have the time to research and execute a successful social media marketing campaign that is why it is important to find a professional Phoenix SEO Company.

These are 5 mistakes that many people make while attempting to run a social media marketing campaign. Social media marketing campaigns are difficult but when run successfully will pay major dividends.



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