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Avoiding Common Social Media Mistakes

Avoiding Common Social Media Mistakes

A Social media campaign is not an easy thing for small online business owners to successfully complete.Most small business owners are too busy to concentrate on a social media marketing campaign and even if they do find the time to spend on creating and updating their social media accounts they still don’t understand how to be successful and end up making major mistakes that ends up costing them business. That is why you should consider hiring a professional Phoenix SEO company but if you decide to try and run a Social Media marketing campaign on your own then you should be aware of some common mistakes that many online business owners make on a rather frequent basis. Let’s take a closer look at what some of these mistakes are.

  1. Avoid Signing Up With To Many Social Media Sites – There are tons of social media websites and opposite to what you may have heard you don’t need to have an account on all of them. Like I mentioned above most small business owners actually don’t have the time to manage one site yet alone five or ten of them. Start with one social media website such as Facebook or Google Plus and then based upon how long it takes you to manage that one site determine how many more sites that you could sign up for and still manage. You don’t want to have a bunch of social media pages out there that are not frequently being updated.
  2. Don’t Focus on How Many Followers You Have – We all do it. We look at the number of followers we have on our social media pages and we begin to compare our followers to our competitors social media pages and we begin stressing out. This causes us to do something like purchasing likes and followers which is a mistake. You want quality not quanity. The point of running a social media campaign is to get people involved so that they Follow, Like, Share, etc. which allows you to use social networks to attract new customers and ultimately grow your business. However, if you have a bunch of fake followers it makes all the time you spending updating posts a waste of time becuase none of those purchased likes will ever be able to be converted into a sales. None of those accounts even look at your page.
  3. Have a Plan – This seems like a no brainer but I would be willing to guess that over 50 percent of small business owners that run a social media campaign don’t have a plan going in. That is why so many people fail because they go in and think that they can just become a salesman and that is actually the quickest way to fail at running a social media campaign.

These are 3 common mistakes that small business owners make when attempting to run a social media marketing campaign. Now I would strongly suggest using a professional Phoenix SEO company to make sure that things are being done correctly but, if you decide to run a campaign on your own you shoul dmake sure that you are not making any of these common mistakes.


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