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3 Ways to be More Productive on Social Media

3 Ways to be More Productive on Social Media

Social media is an important part to any online business’s marketing campaign however, for many online small business owners their social media campaigns have very low to no production. So how can you change this and make your social media marketing campaign more productive? That exact question is what our Phoenix SEO company has asked and wants to help small online business owners by providing some tips on how you can be more productive in the social media world. With Facebook alone having over a billion users there is definitely an opprotunity to use different social media platforms for things like building your brand and increasing sales all things that will help you grow your business and take it to levels you never even dreamed of.  Let’s take a closer look at how you can make your social media marketing campaign more productive.

  1. Give your Social Media pages a personality – Whether it is Instagram, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter or any of the other social media accounts your business has it is very important to show your followers that there is a real person with a real personality behind the page. So many small online business owners make their social media pages look like it is being run by a robot. Rather than promoting your business all the time. Try to update a post by telling them something you are doing during your personal life. By posting something as simple as a picture of you on vacation will show a user that you are a normal person just like they are.
  2. Encourage your staff to post on your social media page – It is thought that in today’s world you should discourage your employees from participating in your business’s social media accounts but I am here to tell you that this is a good thing. When a person whether it be an employee or a customer is will expand the reach it will show there are things going on, on your page.
  3. Take advantage of sharing and retweets – Make sure that you take advantage of sharing and retweeting others content that may be interesting. This will take some of the stress of having to provide updated content to your followers.

These are 3 ways that you can make your social media marketing campaing much more productive. So many small online business owners have social media accounts but they are updated rarely if at all. You can use social media to grow your business but you need to know how and also take action immediately.


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