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4 Facebook Status Ideas to Improve Your Edge Rank

4 Facebook Status Ideas to Improve Your Edge Rank

Facebook has become a huge deal for businesses. Businesses began looking at there billion plus users and realized that if marketed correctly Facebook can be a way to reach a ton of people. This is why you have to have a strategy in place for your social media marketing campaign that will reach the largest amount of people as possible. Facebook to help decide how many people each one of your posts reach have decided to give each of your posts an edge rank. The better the post the better the edge rank. So how do you post things that will have a high edge rank and reach a lot of people rather than a low edge rank and reach very few? Our Phoenix web design teams have came up with some different ways you can begin achieving high edge rank posts that will be seen by a lot more people than you are used too.

  1. Post Videos – People are more likely to watch a video and comment, like and share the video than they are all the articles that are posted on a daily basis. YouTube makes posting a video easy.
  2. Post Pictures – A picture is more likely to catch one of your Facebook fan's eye than a simple word post. Before posting any images make sure that they are cropped down to size so that they look good and not blurry.
  3. Ask For Likes – Many people are scared or don't know how to do this but this is a great way to get your post a higher edge rank and ultimately more exposure.
  4. Ask Questions – Get people involved by asking thought provoking questions. People love to share their opinions on things so allow them to do just that by asking questions that spark debate on your Facebook Page.

As a Phoenix web design company HireAWiz see's on a daily basis the importance Facebook can have on a business. This is something that not many businesses have mastered but the ones that have mastered it have created a distinct competitive advantage over their competition. If you would like to find out more about social media marketing contact us today for a free evaluation.  


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