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Three SEO Tips for Small Business Owners

Three SEO Tips for Small Business Owners

Your prospects don’t see many TV ads anymore, since they stream movies online. They long ago dropped their newspaper subscriptions, so they don’t see ads there either. And you can bet they’re not flipping through the Yellow Pages. If they didn’t throw away the phone book when they got it, then it’s probably being used as a door stop.

So how do people find local businesses? By searching online. When they need a product or service, they go to Google first. If your site isn’t sitting at the top of their searches, then they’ll never even know you exist. You’re invisible as far as they’re concerned.

So what’s the solution? SEO (that’s search engine optimization). The whole idea is to make sure your prospects can find you easily when they need you the most.

Now you’ve probably heard a bit about SEO. Perhaps you’ve heard you should do a keyword analysis, write content around these keywords, optimize your site structure for these keywords, and do a link campaign.

This is all true. (And time consuming, which is why it’s a good idea to hire experts to do you SEO in Phoenix for you.) But you won’t rank well unless you know the intricacies of the search engines algorithms, and how you can use this knowledge to get top rankings.

So let me share with you three tips to bring you more targeted traffic from Google, Bing and the other search engines your prospects are using to look for you…

Tip #1: Write for Humans

You’ve probably heard about Google slapping a lot of websites over the past few years. Some of these sites were penalized and lost their good rankings. Others just completely disappeared from the search engines.

Why did this happen?

In many cases, it was due to poor-quality content. The site owners wrote for the search engines, NOT for their human visitors.

You see, Google’s mission is to create a great experience for their users. If their users search for “auto mechanics in Phoenix” and get a page of gobbledy-gook in the results, those users may just move over to Bing… or even Yahoo. That’s why Google and other search engines try to reward quality content with good rankings.

Point is, if you want to race to the top of the search engines, then you need to provide relevant, high-quality content. Write for your prospects FIRST. Create useful, engaging content that solves your visitors’ problems. Write content that the humans love, and you can bet Google will richly reward you.

Tip #2: Get Active

Google likes an active site, which is why you should update your content regularly. Do you blog? If not, today is a great day to start. A properly optimized blog that’s frequently updated will bring you plenty of traffic from the search engines. Plus focusing on writing awesome content will get you links and traffic from other sites too.

Tip #3: Think Quality, Not Quantity

In years past, webmasters used to get as many inbound links as possible. Today smart website owners know that Google frowns on links from low-quality, irrelevant sources. Link quantity doesn’t hold the weight it used to – today it’s all about link quality.

Good links come from other high quality sites. Forget about link exchanges. Instead, seek out links through guest blogging, social media, viral content and other more natural link acquisition methods. A good SEO firm in Phoenix like Hire a Wiz can help you get the right mix of links from high quality sources.

In sum…

You won’t get good rankings using old SEO methods. You won’t get page one listings with keyword-stuffed content or spammy links. Today you need to be on top of the latest Google news and changes if you want good results.

That’s what Hire a Wiz can do for you. This team of Phoenix SEO experts spends every waking moment studying advanced SEO methods so that you don’t have to. Find out how you can work with our team to grow your business today!


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