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5 Ways to Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate

5 Ways to Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate

As an Arizona web design firm the one thing that every online business wants to know is how to up their conversion rate. This is what is going to determine the success of their website. Simply getting traffic is not going to pay the bills you need the traffic your getting to convert to sales. It simply could come down to prices for some people and if they find a better price you aren’t going to convert them anyways but that being said their are things you can do as the website owner to help up the conversion rate of the traffic that you are getting. HireAWiz is an elite Arizona web design company that offers great SEO packages that will bring hundreds if not thousands of new visitors to our clients website each month but for our clients to find value in SEO they need to see conversions not just traffic. So what can be done to help improve your website’s conversions?

  1. Uniqueness – There is many different websites out there probably selling the same product or service you are. You need to highlight the things that set you apart from your competition. Your number 1 selling point should be highlighted on your website for your visitors to see as that is what sets you apart from other companies websites they just visited.
  2. Value – You will want to maximize the value of your website and you do this by not wasting opportunities. For example when a visitor is viewing a product or checking out show them different products on the side that they may also be interested in. Another great place that most people waste is on the confirmation page. Don’t leave this blank with a Thank You typed on it. Thank them for using you and offer them a coupon code for something free or a percentage off their next purchase. This is likely to result in sales you wouldn’t of had.
  3. Payment Options – You don’t want to lose a sale simply because you didn’t offer a payment option the visitor was looking for. You should offer a pay by credit card as well as PayPal. Some people feel safer going through PayPal than entering their personal information on a website.
  4. Highlight Guarantee and Returns Policy – A major concern for consumers on the web is the companies return policy. The consumer is buying a product that they are only reading a description and looking at a picture of. Ease the stress of purchasing online by clearly outlining your guarantee and return policy.
  5. Keep it Simple – Have you ever been to a website and go to purchase something just to realize there is like 20 minutes worth of information you have to fill out before you can complete your purchase then they ask you for a survey? I am sure this frustrated you and the same goes for your site visitors. Make the checkout process as easy and as fast as possible.

HireAWiz an elite Arizona web design company wants their clients to succeed. We can build you a great website and bring thousands of customers a month but at the end of the day they have to convert to a sale or it is all worthless. Our goal is for our clients to succeed and for the client to continue to come back to us for all their Arizona web design needs. If you would like to discuss how HireAWiz can make your website more successful contact us today.


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