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3 Reasons Local SEO is Important

3 Reasons Local SEO is Important

Local search engine optimization is something that can be ignored. Yes, SEO allows you promote your business all around the world but many times it is local SEO that ends up paying off the most for many small business owners. What is that makes it local SEO so important to small online business owners?

  1. Phone Books No Longer Work – It used to be if you wanted to market your business locally you would simply just take out an ad in the phone book and that would be good enough. However, in today’s world people are no longer using the phone book to look up local businesses. They are using the internet and if you want your business to pull up on the search engines for local searches you need to use Local SEO.
  2. Local Search is Targeted – When somebody local is searching online for a product and or service that you offer it will be a targeted lead. For example if I was searching for “Plumber” there could be numerous reasons I could be searching for that word. I could be looking for income, how to become a plumber, etc. However, if I searched for the words “plumber in Phoenix, AZ” the odds are I would be looking for a plumbing business to hire.
  3. Local SEO Makes Your Business Stands Out – When your business stands alone on top of a local search it looks really good to potential future customers. Think of the last time you searched for something locally. Chances are you clicked on the top 3 or 4 listings and did not click on ads further down than that.

Local SEO is extremely important to any small business. There are ways you can gain traction with local business while running a local SEO campaign. One way is to use a website like Thumbtack.com which is a website that allows you to gain targeted leads from your local market.


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