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Keep Up With Technology With A New Website

Charles H. Duell who was the commissioner of the US patent office in 1899 said, ” Everything that can be invented has been invented.” As we are quickly moving through 2012 towards 2013, technology is growing at a rapid pace so much so that it is hard for the average everyday person to keep up with it. As each generation passes, technology is getting more and more advanced making the world much smaller along the way.

First with the invention of the internet. People were talking and connecting with people all over the world that they have never met. This was something most people never dreamed would be a possibility. How could somebody in the US meet somebody in China? Now as we are in 2012 and as generations have gotten older, people can’t do without the internet as it is a driving force in America today.

Next came putting internet on cell phones. I remember when this first came out, I wanted a phone that could go online so bad. Now much like with the internet, we can’t be without our phones with internet. Mobile technology is changing the way of businesses as well as the way of individuals lives. Most everybody in today’s world needs to have a smart phone whether it be for business, checking email, surfing the web, watching movies, or downloading apps. If you ever want to know just how fast technology is moving try to keep up with the newest phone that comes to the market.

Now with the invention of social media, friends are connecting with people they may have never met before. Social media is also allowing people to keep their friends and family updated with their lives, like never before. People can view photos, post comments, update people about general life events, and chat with friends and family all across the world. The phenomena of technology advancement is growing so fast that we don’t think anything of it, but if you really sit back and look at your life 10 years or even just 5 years ago compared to now, you realize the technology advancements are moving at a rapid pace.

Now what can this do for your business you may ask? There are new ways to market just as often as there is a new phone. It can be hard to keep up with these technologies or even know where to begin, but if your company falls behind, it will be in big trouble. That is why you need a company or a team that can keep on top of all the technology as it relates to your specific business. Whether it be a new cutting edge website, a social media marketing campaign, a mobile app, or some type of Google advertising such as Adwords, technology is growing rapidly, and you need to keep your marketing campaign up to date or your competition will pass you by.

If Mr. Duell was alive today he would be regretting that he made that statement. I personally think that he would be amazed with how much technology has changed in the world. I don’t think that the world will ever stop inventing new and better technologies and this is an exciting thought as we move into the future. If you or your business is struggling to keep up with technology don’t feel bad because you are definitely not the only one. That is what HireAWiz is here for. We will help you stay on top of the latest technology and help you implement it so that it reaches it’s max potential for your business. Click here to contact Arizona’s premier Web Development company.


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