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411 on Short Code Message Marketing

411 on Short Code Message Marketing

There is a technology on the rise that is only going to become more and more popular. That technology is called short code marketing and if you are unsure what exactly short code marketing is  you have likely seen it at work before and didn’t even know it. You have seen it on American Idle, those text to download commercials, or you could of even seen it being used at some local restaurants. It is simply the roughly 5 digit code they ask you text. This is something that the Phoenix web design field is beginning to notice is becoming more of a trend. Because this technology is a technology many people don’t know a lot about I am going to share 3 things should know about short code marketing.

  • Two kinds of short codes – There are two kinds of short codes dedicated and shared. A dedicated short code is usually for an individual and is very expensive. Shared short code marketing is where codes are shared between customers and it has you text keywords to determine their traffic. This is generally a much cheaper and a much better option for most businesses.
  • Stop and Help – Using the stop and help features usually allows a customer to either opt out of the offer they opted into or if they type help it will give them more information. These are generally used for people who sign up for monthly plans to receive ringtones or other text to this number to download companies.
  • Shutoff – Don’t think that short code marketing is like a website where it doesn’t matter what you post. A provider can shut you off from short code marketing at anytime because they don’t like what you are doing. This can have a major impact on your business. Imagine being in the middle of a marketing campaign and it getting shutdown. Be careful and follow the rules.

Our Phoenix web design company understands the importance of marketing and short code marketing is just another great option for many businesses to help them gain business. HireAWiz which is an elite Phoenix web design company because we not develop great websites but also work to help our clients succeed. We understand that the way we grow our business is by helping our clients grow their business. If you would like a free quote please contact us today.


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