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29 Jul. 2014

Prioritizing Listings for Multi-Location Businesses

July 29th, 2014|Search Engine Marketing|

Analyze your data

Date is extremely critical for a multi-location business. The data that is relevant to your business’ SEO on all fronts is constantly changing, and you need to make sure that you are keeping track of everything. Analyzing your data not only allows you to make sure that you are keeping pace with […]

24 Jul. 2014

Plugins that will let you get the most out of WordPress

July 24th, 2014|Web Design|

WordPress is one of the best resources for kickstarting your Phoenix SEO campaign. However, it does have a finite set of capabilities. Fortunately, its open source design allows you to add plugins that can completely transform what you and your Phoenix web design company can do with WordPress. Let’s take a look at some […]

22 Jul. 2014

Panda 4.0 and Payday Loans: Google does a Dual Update

July 22nd, 2014|Search Engine Marketing|

A Google update will always invite controversy. This is due to the fact that whether a change they make to their search engine algorithm system results in subtle tweaks or seismic shifts in the way an entity climbs to the top of their search engine result lists, there will always be winners and losers.

The […]

17 Jul. 2014

Your Website Needs to Move Faster

July 17th, 2014|Web Design|

The internet (and as a result, the entire world) is all about speed. People expect their orders to be fulfilled quickly, they expect cross-country shipments to happen overnight, they expect to be fully updated on the latest world news as it is happening and they expect every website that they visit to be fast. […]

15 Jul. 2014

Hands-Off Marketing: Why you Need Inbound Marketing

July 15th, 2014|Web Design|

In most cases, inbound marketing u the only way to get peoples attention on the web. Many Phoenix area businesses make the mistake of believing that once one has people on the web looking in their direction, their inbound marketing job is done. This, however, could not be farther from the truth.

Your inbound marketing […]

11 Jul. 2014

Search Engine Marketing and Public Relations

July 11th, 2014|Search Engine Marketing|

Since the birth of organized marketing, public relations has been a key component of everyone’s business, because how the people perceive your company defines your Phoenix company’s brand. Your company’s brand determines how likely people are to trust you enough to take a chance on your products or services.

The internet, however, has changed things […]

2 Jul. 2014

How to Gain Better Search Engine Results in Phoenix

July 2nd, 2014|Search Engine Marketing|

As a Phoenix area business, it makes sense for you to attract consumers in the Phoenix area. You can do this via your search engine marketing endeavors (if you do it in the right way). Avoiding the mistake of attracting a random scatter of traffic from people in places a lot less likely to […]

27 Jun. 2014

7 Things to Consider for Your SEO Campaign

June 27th, 2014|Search Engine Marketing|

Even if your sole business goal is just to attract more customers in the Phoenix area, people’s dependence on internet-based technology for just about everything means one thing for you: you need an SEO campaign that will get your business noticed by consumers before the competition. But since most businesses are doing SEO by […]

24 Jun. 2014

Your Google Manual Penalty Could Disappear Without Acting

June 24th, 2014|Search Engine Marketing|

You Don’t Always Have to Act for your Google Manual Penalty to Disappear

For companies in Phoenix, SEO is critical for your business success—just like it is everywhere else. Unfortunately, search engine results list topping SEO for your Phoenix business is not a simple thing to do; you face search engine related competition both in […]

19 Jun. 2014

4 Google-Exclusive Words Your SEO Firm Should Know

June 19th, 2014|Search Engine Marketing|

Search engine optimization has grown to become an industry all on its own. In that realm, finding ways to boost your Google rankings remains key. Unfortunately for Google marketers, the search engine giant’s algorithms have evolved to the point that one now needs to understand wholly new words in order to understand them. Before […]