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Here Is The Reason Your Website Doesn’t Work

Here Is The Reason Your Website Doesn’t Work

Business owners just like you plunge an incredible amount of time and money into their websites. Our Arizona web design business here at Hire A Wiz has the phone ringing off the hook some days with business owners asking about site redesigns. And the one thing we often hear is this: “My website doesn’t work and I don’t know why.”

Our Phoenix web development team can usually spot a few problems with the site design itself, especially in terms of poor SEO architecture or even poor usability. But usually the problem becomes crystal clear when we ask one or two simple questions…

“How are you driving traffic to your site?” and “What is your marketing strategy?”

Blank stares. Crickets. Furrowed brows. Sometimes people even look a little surprised.

You see, a lot of people are startled to discover that their websites don’t automagically bring in the traffic. If that’s the way it worked, then the owners of the other 877 million host names on the net would be rolling in all the traffic they can handle. But the truth is, most of these sites are failing miserably because they’re not getting enough traffic. Maybe you can relate.

But the problem is, many of these companies just plunge more money into web design. Year after year, they keep redesigning their sites in hopes that the latest redesign will be the one to make their business boom. And year after year, their hopes are dashed as they watch their dwindling business budget and traffic logs.

So here’s the thing you need to know…

Building a website isn’t a marketing strategy. Your website is just a platform – a bullhorn, if you will. But no one is going to hear your message if you don’t get them in front of this platform. And that’s the surprising link that many business owners are missing.

The Missing Link

Many Phoenix web design firms focus on creating pretty sites. However, the good Phoenix web development teams know that the success of a website rests with two factors:

  • Factor 1: A high-converting, responsive web design that makes a great first impression, and continues to actively engage visitors over time.
  • Factor 2: Digital marketing, such as SEO (search engine optimization), PPC marketing (pay per click), a good social media strategy and similar strategies.

Most website owners whose businesses are failing are missing one (or even both) of those factors. Either they’re trying to run a business website that looks like it was designed in 2005, or they’re not investing in the advertising needed to bring targeted traffic to the site.

That’s why our Phoenix web development team is different. We’re not just web designers – we’re also marketers running a Phoenix SEO company. We know how to design your site to capture interest and engage your audience. And we know how to keep a steady stream of visitors flowing to your site.

To find out more about our web development and Phoenix SEO services, and to learn how we can work together to grow your business, get in touch today with our web specialists and get your free quote.


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