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Reasons to Consider Joomla for Your Website

Reasons to Consider Joomla for Your Website

If you have talked to many Phoenix web design companies you will know that there are many different content management systems you can choose from when you get your new website designed and developed. No matter which way you choose to go you will run into advantages and disadvantages because no system is perfect for every business unless you choose to go with a custom content management system. HireAWiz which is an elite Phoenix web design company offers custom content management systems if that is the way you and your business chooses to go. There is one that offers clear advantages and is a cheaper option than going with a completely custom CMS and that is Joomla. Joomla allows your Phoenix web design to team to customize the modules so that it fits your business. So why should you and your business consider Joomla when building your new website?

  • Open Source – Joomla is an Open Source CMS. There are numerous benefits to this but the major one is that no matter where in the world you are you can update your website. You can be on a vacation in Japan and as long as you have an internet connection you can get online and update the content of your website. This is huge for those people who travel a lot and for those businesses that are being operated by 1 or 2 people and may not always be in the office.
  • User Management – Not everybody is computer savvy and understands things like HTML and that is why you have Phoenix web design teams to help you but sometimes don’t you wish you can just update the content on your own? Well you are in luck. With Joomla you don’t have to be a computer guy to be able to update your website. Joomla is very user friendly and allows almost anyone to update their content on their own.
  • Plugins – Similar to WordPress Joomla offers an array of plugins so that you can easily enhance your websites functionality.
  • Proven – Joomla is the CMS of choice for many large corporations and small businesses alike. There is a very good chance Joomla will work for you and your website.

If you are looking at building a new website Joomla is just one of many options you can consider but in any case the key is finding the right Phoenix web design company that will not only create you a great website but also help you get traffic to the website. Most of HireAWiz’s business comes from client referrals so we understand that if we don’t exceed our clients expectations then we are not successful but on the other hand if our clients are successful we are extremely successful. If you would like a free quote contact us today.


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