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5 Things Your Site Must Have to Succeed

Many people who begin thinking about getting their new website built get ahead of themselves. Much like people do when they are buying a car. A person goes into to buy a car and instantly they are thinking about the touch screen navigation, DVD player, and rims but not thinking about the actual car.  Remember the engine and quality of the car is much more important than the DVD player. Much like buying a car people do this with websites they begin to look at all the add ons instead of focusing first on what websites must have to be successful. We are a Phoenix web design company that wants to make sure that you are successful and in order to be successful you must have the necessity’s.

  1. Content – Be thinking about how you will keep your content updated and fresh even before your website is built. This is key because it is a major factor for natural SEO which can save you a bunch of money in advertising. Remember to try to use keywords, for example HireAWiz will target Phoenix Web Design as well as many others. Notice the keyword is narrowed down to a specific location.
  2. SEO FriendlyYou must make sure your Phoenix web design company makes your website SEO friendly. If they miss this step then you might as well have another website built because it is going to be very difficult to gain any sort of rankings on any of the search engines.
  3. User Friendly – Make sure your website is not confusing and is easy to navigate. If somebody has to spend to much time trying to find their way around they will likely give up and leave. People in today’s world don’t have a lot of patience to be spending time on a website that is hard to navigate.
  4. Fast Loading Pages – Make sure your pages are loading fast. Again people don’t want to feel like they are using dial up internet service.
  5. Test Test Test – Having a program like Google Analytics can be key to knowing what advertisements are working and which ones you are wasting your time with.

I am not trying to discourage you from all the bells and whistles on a website and know that they are beneficial but that being said what makes us a great Phoenix web design company is the fact that we care about your success. We need to make sure we have a strong foundation for your online business before moving to all the bells and whistles.


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