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4 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Mobile App

4 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Mobile App

I have discussed the importance of catering to your mobile audience before. It has been predicted that 2014 will be the year that the number of mobile users who surf the web will out number the number of laptop and desktop users. So the likelihood that your website is going to have a large number of mobile visitors is pretty good. One thing I haven’t discussed is the importance of a mobile app for your business. Now all busineses are different and some businesses may not need a mobile app but our Phoenix webdesign team is here to tell you about the benefits a mobile app can have for you business. If you have never considered a mobile app, I am writing this blog for you in order to show you the benefits you may be missing out on.

  1. Customer Engagement – One of the most difficult things to do if you are strictly an online business is to engage your customers. A mobile app allows you to do this a unique way. There are so many things that you can do with a mobile app that you can’t just simply put on your website. Now I know many of you are thinking I can put it on my website but would you really want to place it on your website is the better question?
  2. Customer Service and Support – Anytime that you can make life easier on your customers to use your product and or service you should go for it. A mobile app offers your customers another avenue to contact you for support questions.
  3. Add a New Dimension – A mobile app can offer you an entirely new dimension to your product and or service. Giving your customers a mobile that allows them to do things right from their phone adds a wow factor. For example I recently purchased the Roku 3 and one of the first things that I noticed is what a pain it was type in the text boxes. This would happen everytime I wanted to search or signup for a new service. I then went into the apple store and purchased the app on my mobile device. Now I can type into the text fields directly from mobile device which makes life so much easier.
  4. Coupons – Target started allowing customers a way to add coupons right into their mobile app then when you go to a store all you have to do is scan the barcode and any coupons that has been added will be deducted from the total price. This app is a huge deal especially in an economy where people are trying to save money.

These are 4 reasons why your business should at least be considering a mobile app. Anything your business can do to cater to your mobile users will end up benefiting you in the long run. We are living in a time where it is almost required that you cater to your mobile users.


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