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4 Common Mistakes That Drive Customers Away

4 Common Mistakes That Drive Customers Away

We understand that, much like most other online small business owners, every decision you make not only for your businesses website but for your business in general is what you believe is in the best interest of the business. Nobody wants to do something that will hurt there business but there are things, especially when it comes to small business owners website that actually ends up hurting them and not helping them. You may believe a certain way however, the numbers prove that these are mistakes and are definitely not benefiting your website or business. Our Phoenix website design company has actually put together a list of common mistakes we see small business owners make with their website that they believe will help their business but actually ends up hurting it. I would suggest re-evaluating your website and business strategy to make sure that you are not making these same mistakes or mistakes that are similar. 

  1. Designing to be Cool – Everybody wants to do something that will make their website standout from their competition so they design a website that flare. Yes, the visitors to your site will think your website is really cool to look at however, the downside is that most of the time they will leave your website not ever really knowing what the purpose of your website was and not converting. 
  2. On Page Overload – Many times small online business owners are either adding content to give their visitors every last bit of information about their website or are writing for the search engines. However, people surfing the internet are most likely going to be scanning for what they are looking for and if you give them to much information on a page they will likely end up leaving because they don't have the time to read a book. 
  3. Not Testing on All Devices – This is a major issue for many websites. The number of mobile users surfing the internet is increasing almost on a daily basis and as mobile technoliogy improves so will the number of mobile visitors to your website. You want to make sure that your website looks good not only on desktops and laptops but also on smart phones, tablets and yes even TV's. 
  4. Forgetting to Ask for Contact Details – Not every visitor to your website will give you their contact information and that is fine but you want to at least ask. Having a list of targeted leads that are interested in your products and or services is key to growing your business. 

Are you making any of these critical mistakes? If you are then you should re examine your website and how you can fix these mistakes. There are times where a website is not converting and the small business owner actually believes that they need an entirely new website however, there are mistakes that they can fix that will dramatically improve the conversion rate of their current website and even make their website more appealing to the eyes. 


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