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3 Secrets of a Website That Sells

3 Secrets of a Website That Sells

As a Phoenix web design company we have seen the things that make online business owners successful and the things that were not so successful. We offer our expertise to all clients but at the end of the day what the client says goes. There are three things we have noticed in websites that sell. These are three things that we suggest to all our clients because we understand the importance of helping our clients become successful. Our goal with all our clients is to build a long lasting business partnership and we understand that the only way to do that is if the client is successful because of the services and expertise provided by HireAWiz which is a professional Phoenix web design company. Let’s take a closer look at the 3 things your website needs if you are wanting it to sell:

  1. Make your sales copy perfect – A sales copy is the part of the website that will turn website visitors into customers which is your ultimate goal. Catchy page titles are important because that will get a customer to stay on your page but it is a must that your sales copy is perfect. This will improve your conversion rate and take your company to that next level. It should flow perfectly and lead the customer step by step to a sale and should never lead them away from your website.
  2. Testimonials – One thing that is difficult about trying to run a successful online business is trying to establish trust between the customer and your website and one way to do that is to have a well highlighted testimonials page. You should ask your customers that have had a good experience with your business for a testimonial that you can highlight on your website.
  3. Make it easy to buy – There is such a desire to collect information that many times a website makes it difficult to make a purchase and actually lose sales. If you want your customers to be members and make it easy to make purchases once they are logged in. That is a great idea but make that optional. Some of you customers won’t want to have a membership with your website but don’t make it impossible for those customers to make a purchase on your website. Create a sign in and Guest section this will accommodate both types of customers.

There are a lot of other things that are vital for a website to be successful but these are 3 areas we see website owners make crucial errors that end up costing their company business. If you would like to find out more about how your website can turn into the selling machine you are looking for please contact HireAWiz today for a free quote.


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