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Quick Tips for Upgrading Your Social Media Strategy

Quick Tips for Upgrading Your Social Media Strategy

If a social media strategy isn’t an invaluable component of your search engine marketing strategy, than you are making a big mistake—social networking is no longer solely a trifling distraction for bored teenagers and narcissistic celebrities. In order to get the most out of your Phoenix SEO marketing campaign, you need social media; if you don’t know this, then the first tip that we will offer you is to sign your business up for Google +, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter fast. Also, if your Phoenix SEO company thinks that social media is useless, you should think about making a quick change there as well.

If you already have an idea about the inbound marketing benefits of social networking, then you should read the tips below. They will show you how to quickly enhance your social media strategy so that it can maximally benefit your Phoenix SEO campaign.

Remember that social media isn’t about dollar signs

Your social networking goals should never be monetary. Return on Investment (ROI) has become a cliché phrase that is supposed to denote the resultant business success that is wrought from a company’s activities. However, when this phrase was created, it did not take into account the most valuable asset that any business can possess: a company’s brand. The value reaped from improving the worth of a company’s name is not something that can be measured by a simple cost analysis.

Social networking is all about building your company’s brand; the value reaped from your social networking endeavors cannot be measured is especially difficult to measure, as it can be tough to discern what benefits are from the free and paid elements of social networking, respectively.

The same applies for the SEO benefits of social media. Instead of trying to measure how many dollar value benefits will be reaped from your social networking endeavors, work with your Phoenix SEO company to increase your SEO benefits.

Pay attention to what you should be measuring

The fact that ROI should not be the primary focus of your social media strategy doesn’t mean that you should completely forego any specific goal setting.

Instead of evaluating money, you and your Phoenix SEO company will have to (figuratively) dust off a college psychology 101 book. In other words, analyzing human behavior is the best way to divulge the benefits that your social media strategy is providing you with.

All of your human behavior analytics should relate back to specific business goals. For example, if you would like to increase your number of sales leads gained from a specific demographic by twenty percent, you would work to increase your user engagement—in that specific demographic—across all of your social networks. If you would like to improve your company’s overall customer service rating, on the other hand, reducing your response time and increasing your response rate to customer complaints on social media is a great place to start.

Make your strategy fluid

A social media strategy is not a “set it and forget it” type of endeavor. The world of social networking is as whimsical as a teenager; social media trends, tendencies and preferred social networks for different demographic groups change at the speed of light. As such, you should constantly be analyzing ways to reinvent your social media strategy to get the most out of it—once your Phoenix SEO company has helped you analyze how social media trends have changed.

Prepare to turn anything into gold

In business, the unexpected will happen all the time. With billions of users—including your competitors—having direct access to your business, unexpected events are even more likely to occur. And you need to be prepared.

Sitting down with your Phoenix SEO company and preparing a list of unlikely scenarios is key to turning even the worst of situations into something valuable for your business.

If you sold a customer a defective product, for example, they may turn to social media to voice their anger. By publicly handling the problem on the social network(s) on which the complaint was issued, you gain the benefit of a stronger brand by way of a better reputation for great customer service.


Social media can yield huge benefits for your Phoenix SEO strategy for your business, but only if you allow it to. Feel free to contact us to learn more; we are a top Phoenix SEO firm.


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