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Managing Your Website Reputation on Facebook and Twitter

As great as social media has become today it also gives your customers a place to vent about issues they have had or recent experiences that may not have been great. This could create a firestorm of questioning your product and all because of an issue that rarely happens. So what do you do to prevent this from happening and if it does how do you do damage control?

In a previous blog we talked about the importance of customer service. This is where that customer service is going to pay off big time. If there is a problem that arises don’t ignore your customer and pretend they aren’t upset and trying to contact you. Respond promptly to their correspondences and respond in the same way, meaning if they call you don’t send them and email. Let them know up front that there are issues as soon as you know but assure them that you are working on it and will keep them updated every step of the way.

One thing that gets companies in trouble is making unrealistic promises. Don’t make a promise that is going to be nearly impossible to keep. Set the customers expectations low and then exceed them. Don’t set them high and then not meet them because in a world where they have access to your customers the last thing you want is them venting about a bad experience they had with your company to all your loyal customers.

Admit to the issues and offer them something in return to let them know you are trying to make it right. There is a lot of different things you can offer them. Give them a coupon, a credit, a gift card, or if you really want to be personal mail them a sorry card. Mailing something really shows you care. With email and other services mailing a card or a letter is something people don’t see much of in today’s world.

By following these processes and acting in good faith you limit the possibility of a bad review. Is it going to happen to your business probably. There is always that one customer out there that you can’t make happy but work on keeping the other 99.9% of them happy.  Keeping your customers happy is key.

Customer service is a top priority for HireAWiz. We have not become a top Phoenix web design company with bad customer service. Our goals are to keep our customers 100% satisfied and to help them succeed. If you have any questions about what we can do for you please contact us today.


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