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How to Build a Loyal Customer Base Using Social Media

How to Build a Loyal Customer Base Using Social Media

Just to get users to your website and social media pages it takes a lot of time and money. Out of those users there are only a certain percentage that will become actual customers. Then out of the customers there will only be a small percentage of them that will become loyal customers. That is why we believe in marketing in a way that will create loyal customers. These are customers that will go to your business when they are looking for the product and or service that you offer. They will go to your company without even taking the time to view your competitors. These customers are very important to any successful business. Look at Apple for example. They have an extremely loyal customer base. Much of their customer base will only buy Apple and they won’t consider other products even if they sound good. This is the type of customers that you should be looking for. How do you build this type of customer base? Well, let’s take a closer look at some of the things that you can do.

  1. Feature Your Followers – Tell your loyal customers thank you by featuring them on your social media pages, newsletters, etc. Everybody likes to be recognized and so do your customers. This is a great way to not only say thank you and show appreciation to your customers but it will also likely create a few of those loyal customers that we are talking about above.
  2. Send Fans Something Personal – You see a lot of companies running different promotions on social media but one way to you can take showing your customers you care to a totally new level is by sending them a gift. Make sure that the gift is personal by looking at the fan’s social media profile to see something that you know the fan will love. For example if you check on the fan’s Facebook profile and find out that they are a Cubs fan then send them a Cub’s blanket, jersey or mug depending upon the budget. Send the gift along with a nice note thanking the follow for being a valued customer. This will likely not only reach the person you send this gift too. They are likely to share this on their social media page which stories like this have a good chance of going viral.
  3. Take Customer’s Advice – If you take the time to monitor your social media accounts you will find that many of your customers will have some pretty good advice for you. I would suggest that you do not only listen to these suggestions but when you implement it give the follower credit. Again people love to be credited or recognized for their ideas.
  4. Give Some Top Users Free Upgrades – If you have followers that are constantly commenting, sharing, liking, re tweeting, etc. then they are the perfect people to give free upgrades too. They are constantly promoting your products to their friends and others that they reach. By giving them free upgrades this will, one give them an even greater appreciation for your company and two they will be able to give better reviews on your products because they will have the upgraded versions of your product and or services.
  5. Be There For Your Customers – Being there for your customers can be a lot more difficult when you do not have a brick and mortar store and do everything online. That is why you have to get creative. Many times your customers will contact you and interact with your business via social media. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you handle the issue. It scares a lot of business owners because now the issues that your customers are having is being broadcast on a public platform. However, if you constantly show your great customer service many of your followers will take notice which will be something that they will value over cost. Knowing that a company will be there for you and treat you right is worth more than a couple dollars for most people. This is going to keep people from going to your competitors websites in hopes of finding a dollar or two savings.
  6. Separate Yourself From Your Competitor – You may be thinking that discounts are what is going to set you apart from our competitors. However, this is not what I am talking about. I am actually talking about doing some research and finding out different things that your followers place value on. When you find this out you can begin implementing. Things like this are what your customers will remember.
  7. Be More Convenient – Many businesses now days are running their businesses like the Government. When you need something simple done. You have to run through hoops to get it done. Call a company and try and figure out how to speak with the correct department. This can be very difficult. Research your competitors and find out where you can improve customer service by making things more convenient for your customers.
  8. Go Above and Beyond – There is a standard that most customers will hold you too and if you meet these standards then they will be happy. However, if you go above and beyond then they will remember you and will likely become a loyal customer for years to come. Negative news does travel faster than positive news but I promise you if you go above and beyond it will and does get talked about. To get positive news to travel at the rate of negative news you need to provide your followers with the WOW factor.
  9. Make Quality a Top Priority – Whether you offer a product or a service you need to make sure that it is top quality. If not then none of the stuff above will matter. You can offer the best customer service, give them something free, give them recognition, etc. and it will not matter. If the product or service is of low quality then nobody will care.

These are 9 ways that you can begin gaining customers that are loyal from your social media marketing campaign. Many small online businesses run social media marketing campaigns that help their business little to none. Do not fall into this trap and take advantage of everything social media marketing can do for your business.


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