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5 Ways to Make Facebook Posts Go Viral

5 Ways to Make Facebook Posts Go Viral

As our Scottsdale web design team has stated many times before, "Social Media marketing is extremely important if you truly want to take your business to the next step." Social Media marketing is a key component in any online marketing strategy. The biggest and many times most successful platform that many small online businesses use to promote their business is Facebook. Facebook has right around a billion users so there is a rather large pie that you can get a piece of. Your goal when posting on Facebook should be to make all and any post go viral. When a post goes viral you have the potential to gain hundreds or thousands of new followers which could eventually convert into customers on your website. Making a post go viral however is more difficult than it may seem because, if it was so easy everybody would be doing it. We would like to give you some tips on how you can make your businesses Facebook posts go viral. 

  1. Know Your Audience – Is your target audience looking for solutions for specific problems, are they looking to connect on an interactive facebook page or maybe they like prizes whatever the case you should understand what exactly it is that your target audience is looking for and post accordingly. A Facebook fan is much more likely to like, comment or share a post that is interesting to them. 
  2. Hold Promoted Contests – You will want to use your Facebook to hold contests for your Facebook likes. It could be to gain shares, likes or customers but everyone loves a chance to win something free. You can get creative and award people for interacting on your facebook page helping to make your post go viral. 
  3. Share Your Posts – Take advantage of your other social media platform and website by sharing your posts across those platforms. This will allow an audience that may not be on your Facebook to be able to share your content. 
  4. Comment on Other's Pages – Now you may think you should post your link but that is not at all what I am saying here. Post productive comments on others Fan Pages and people will be more likely to view your page than if you are just on their trying to promote yourself and not contributing to their feeds. 
  5. Use Polls – This actually accomplishes 2 things. It gets people involved with your posts and it allows you to obtain important information that will allow you to implement a marketing strategy based upon the information you collect. 

These are 5 effective strategies that when used properly will help you create posts on Facebook that go viral. There are many other ways to get things to go viral but you want to make sure it is directed towards your target audience. Our Scottsdale web design team knows the importance of running a proper social media campaign but it is just one component in the big picture. You must keep in mind SEO, PPC, Great Website and other marketing strategies. 


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