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5 Unique Ways to Market Your Business on Facebook

5 Unique Ways to Market Your Business on Facebook

As I have mentioned in the past and you have probably figured out by now. The normal way of marketing doesn’t always apply to Facebook marketing. Marketing on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter requires you to think outside the box in order have a high return on investment. Our SEO team has thought of some ways that you can use Facebook to market your business that you may not have thought of. There are the obvious ways such as using their pay per click or promote a post but those are to gain likes. So how can you take those likes that are following your business and convert them into customers? That is the tricky part because, you aren’t able to start posting salesy ads. You need to figure out how you can post something that your likes want to see but at the same time encourage them to convert to a customer for years to come. Let’s take a closer look at some unique ways you can accomplish this.

  • Personalize Your Responses – By signing your name to each response it gives your likes a personalized response. This allows the users that like your page to get the feeling that they are getting a personalized response from an actual individual and it isn’t some random person setting behind a desk being paid to give out generic responses. This may not seem like a lot but sometimes it is the little things that impress your customers.
  • Show Off Your Product Yourself – Everyday people see models and boxcutter ads but why not model your product and or service yourself? By simply taking a picture or video of you and or family and friends modeling your product or service it will add a personal touch that many people will be able to relate to. This gives you the opportunity to post an ad without people knowing that it is an ad. They will think it is just a funny video and or picture but little do they know you will be advertising your business.
  • Feature Your Customers – What a great to thank some of your customers and at the same time promote your business on Facebook. Use pictures and videos of your customers and post them on your Facebook page and explain what each photo is of and why they are at your business.
  • Showoff Your Community Success – Did your company compete in a charity event, standup to local legislation or do a town raffle? If so Facebook is a great place to show the pictures from these events. This will show your potential customers that you are a local business that cares about the community which may be enough to win over customers that might of normally went to one of your competitors.
  • Call To Action – Don’t forget to use call to action terms that will lead your likes back to your website. Once on your website a user is more likely to convert because your website will be designed to convert visitors and the visitor will be there looking for more information.

It is not always easy to bridge the gap between getting likes and followers and turning them into sales. However, if you think outside the box and use some of the techniques discussed above you will not only gain more interaction on your social media page but also turn them into future customers.


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