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5 Things Your Business Should Not Do On Social Media

5 Things Your Business Should Not Do On Social Media

So you have heard our SEO company Phoenix talk about how important social media marketing is for your business and I am standing by that. However, there are actually things that you can do that could end up hurting your business. Any time that you have billions of users at your finger tips you will have the opportunity to take advantage of that amount of users but on the flip side you will be at risk of something being shared that will negatively impact your business. Especially, with the way things go viral. It is much easier to have something negative go viral than it is to create something positive that goes viral but this shouldn’t scare you from running a social media marketing campaign. Our Phoenix SEO team has developed a list of things that you and your business should avoid doing if you don’t want to have social media actually hurt you.

  1. Keep Your Business Accounts and Personal Accounts Separate – The fact of the matter is that you have personal opinions on high debatable issues such as politics, religion, etc and you don’t want accidently post something on your business accounts that will upset your customer base. People have different views and by accidently displaying your views on highly charged issues it will likely upset some of you customer base and followers. That is why it is best to keep your accounts separate to make sure that this mistake doesn’t happen to you.
  2. Be Careful What You Share – Many small business owners don’t pay close attention to what they share on their social media pages. The reason they don’t pay as close attention is because many of them feel that they didn’t write it so it won’t hurt them however, that couldn’t be further from the truth. By posting something you could alieniate a large group of your followers.
  3. Don’t Blog Other Website’s Content – I understand that content is king when it comes to search engine optimization but don’t copy and paste other website’s content. Many small business owners find it difficult to write content for their website but there are other options like hiring someone or looking for an intern.
  4. Don’t Argue With People That Give Your Business Bad Reviews – Don’t go onto Yelp and other review websites and argue with people who give you bad reviews. It looks really bad when you start slamming your customers online. If you can’t resist commenting back you should apologize and let the other customers know that the situation is being taken care of.
  5. Don’t Write Your Own Reviews – Make sure that you don’t go in and review your own business. This looks very bad and unprofessional. It makes it look like your desparate for somebody to give your business a great review. It just doesn’t look good.

These are 5 mistakes that more small business owners make, while running a social media campaign, than you can imagine. Social media gives you and your business to be in front of a very large audience so you must be careful. It would be like going on national television and saying things that are not becoming of your business.


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