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Blog Tactics to Increase Readership

Blog Tactics to Increase Readership

One of the main things our Phoenix web design company focuses on outside of desiging and developing websites for our clients is helping our clients bring more traffic to their website. One of the ways to do this is through the use of a blog. Blogs can help with search engine optimization as it keeps your content fresh and up to date but how do you get people to your website to actually read your blog. What get's alot of small online businesses in trouble is they right their blogs for the search engines not keeping in mind their visitors. Nobody wants to read a blog that has obviously been written for a search engine. So how do you get people to read your blog?

  1. Target an Audience That is Likely to Share Your Blog – One way to build an audience for your blogs is by having people sharing your content across social media platforms. When you are coming up with topics to write about always keep in mind your target audience which group is most likely to share your blogs across social media platforms. 
  2. Communicate in Places Where Your Target Audience Already Participates – Understanding where people within your target audience like to participate whether it be on forums, social media pages, etc. You will be able to communicate with your audience and draw them back to your website and social media pages. 
  3. Make Your Blog Content SEO Friendly – Like I mentioned above search engine optimization is a great way to get traffic to your website. If people find your blog there is a better chance that the content will be shared and that the customer will keep coming back to read more of your blogs. This is why it is so important to write great blog articles. 
  4. Use Twitter, Facebook, and Google + To Share Content – Social media is a great way to share content and updates about your business. This will reach a large number of people and if done properly bring a lot of poeple to your blog. 

I am sure you can understand the importance of a well run blog. These are just 4 tips on how you can get people to read your blog and keep them coming back. Make sure not to think of your blog as being only for SEO because it is so much more. By the way if the search engines find out that the content on your website is being written strictly for them you will be penalized so make sure you do things the right way. 


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