Keyword Reports That Show Superior SEO Stats

If your business is running a search engine optimization campaign then I am sure that you are overwhelmed with keyword ranking reports. Many SEO agencies are beginning to go away from keyword ranking reports. A big reason has to do with some of the recent changes to Google but an even bigger reason is due to the issues that keyword ranking reports have always had. Keyword ranking reports misses out on 50% ? 80% of the traffic for example it doesn?t track the long tail. SEO agencies are beginning to track different reports that show more accurate results.

When running a search engine optimziation campaign of any sort you need reports to measure how well your doing and these reports are evolving into something that will more accurately show you how you are doing. With the old way of reporting it caused people to narrow in and not see the big picture. People would get so tied up in to looking at 1 keyword they wouldn?t even notice that overall they were driving traffic and increasing their business. This would cause some people to discontinue their campaign even though it was actually successful .