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5 Questions to Ask Your Web Design Company

5 Questions to Ask Your Web Design Company

There are many things to consider when considering a professional Phoenix web design team to rebuild your website. For many small businesses their website is their bread and butter and what is going to either take their business to the next level or cause them to fold. This is why it is extremely important you find a Phoenix web design company that not only does great work but will help you grow your business. Many people don’t think about this but A great web design company works with so many businesses that they should be able to guide you in the right direction. That being said there is still responsibility on the website owner. They must understand the value and not try to save money but cutting it out of either their website or internet marketing budget. In order to find the perfect web design company there are some key questions you must ask them during the interview process. A great web design company can be key to your businesses success so put them through the ringer. Let’s take a closer look at the questions that need to be asked.

  1. What web standards do you follow?  Many times this question will allow you to remove people from consideration because a web design company that has no standards will be very flustered by this questions. This simply means that the web designer will use clean code and technologies.
  2. Do you design websites with the best search engine optimization practices in mind? This is extremely important to your business. Search engine optimization is a huge marketing benefit and when properly done it has the ability to grow your business exponentially. If your not careful however a web designer may not design your website so that it is search engine compatible so when you go to begin your SEO campaign you will have to get another website designed.
  3. Will my website be mobile compatible? Like it or not mobile devices are the future of the internet. In 5 years or less almost everybody surfing the web will be doing so on a mobile device or their television. So if your website is not mobile compatible you are already behind the times even if you just got a brand new website with the latest technology.
  4. How do they plan for growth? If your business is going to grow your website and online marketing strategies need to grow with your business. It is important to discuss your web designers strategies to allow this to happen.
  5. How do they handle support requests? After your website is launched it is inevitable there will be bugs and updates that you need. It is very important you know how your web design handles these requests. There are certain things you can’t wait 48 hours to have fixed. Do they offer support that will have major issues fixed ASAP?

Finding a Phoenix web design company that will not only design you a great website but one that will help you grow your business and be there each step of the way is one of the keys to success. You would be surprised at the number of website owners that tell us their previous web design company designed their page got paid and bolted. If you would like to talk to HireAWiz about what your currently doing and what we can do to help you take your business to that next level contact us today.

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