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3 Questions to Ask About Mobile Websites

3 Questions to Ask About Mobile Websites

As a Phoenix web design team we strongly believe that the future of internet surfing is with out a doubt mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones but the question is should you build a mobile app or mobile friendly website now? The answer is YES but it may not be necessary. Part of maximizing your business potential is not only know where to invest but when to invest in it. There may be much more critical items on your list such as internet marketing like search engine optimization etc. So how do you know if it is critical that you develop a mobile friendly website or app now or if you can wait? Well as a Phoenix web design company here are 3 questions that we would strongly suggest you not only ask your web design company but also yourself. Question Number 1 – What percentage of your website’s visitors are coming from mobile devices? If only about 5 percent of your website visitors are coming from mobile devices then it probably isn’t urgent that you develop a mobile friendly website immediately as it is likely your target audience or industry hasn’t gotten to the point of mobile devices just yet. Question Number 2 – What does our website look like on different smart phones and tablets. Ask your friends to use their devices and you check yours. How does your website look are customers able to perform basic functions to get them to convert. If so then you may be OK for now. You will want to make sure you are constantly checking this as technology is always updating so it may look OK one week but the next look like a wreck. Questions Number 3 – How much of our business is online? If the answer is a very low percentage then you 1 may need to consider why this is and begin working on your online presence prior to developing a mobile friendly website or 2 this maybe a technology that has caught on yet to your target audience and industry. Like I stated before, should you make your web presence mobile friendly. The answer is absolutely as it will only help you if not now in the near future but it may not be a urgent need so ask yourself the above questions first. HireAWiz a Phoenix web design company would love to help you determine how you can grow your business. For a free web analysis contact us today.

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